Organic Cotton Prefolds & Organic Woven Terry Velour Fabric on sale!

Going green has never been so affordable. Check out the latest eco-steals from Slurp & Burp:

*39 yards of natural organic woven terry velour 12 oz., 60" which is on sale for $10.00 per yard. The organic terry is of a very high quality and is soft and luxurious and perfect for making an organic towel. Simply cut to the size you wish and trim with a favorite binding purchased at a local fabric or craft shop. This is also an easy way to turn cloth diapers (see below) into burp cloths. Another idea is to use the organic terry to make a baby hooded towel or beach cover up. Have fun sewing!

*100-105 organic cotton prefold 9 x11" diapers sewn by WAHM are on sale for $5 each or $4 each if you buy all of them. They typically retail for $7-8 each. Hurry while this bargain lasts.

*Anyone interested can call 973.222.6609 or email missyreder[AT]gmail]DOT]com

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Margo Krein said...

Great price on the fabric and prefolds. Now, if only I could learn how to sew! I will pass this onto friends who can.

CeCe said...

Thank you for posting this. This really does go to prove that going organic does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. These are awesome prices. My kids are older now, but I have many friends with little ones who know how to work a sewing machine so I will also refer them to this post.