Weight Watchers Week 10 - 12

Posted by Mandy, Parent Panel Member:

Hello everyone! This is my final post on my 12 week journey on Weight Watchers Online. Weeks 10 through 12 went by so fast and I am very excited to report the following stats:

INITIAL STATS (12 weeks ago):

Height: 5"3
Age: 31
Build: Medium, muscular
Bra Size: 40D
Waist: 33 inches
Hips: 40 inches
Starting Weight: 151 pounds (68.6 kg)
BMI: 27
10% Goal: 135.9 pounds (61.7kg)
Goal Weight: 120 pounds (54.5kg)
BMI Goal: 20-24

Plan: Flex Plan
Weigh-in Day: Monday


Bra Size: 38C
Waist: 29 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Current Weight: 129 pounds (58.6 kg)
BMI: 23
Goal Weight: 120 pounds (54.5kg)

I am thrilled to report that I have lost 22 lbs (10kgs) in the 12 week period and presently weigh 129lbs. I am 9 lbs away from reaching my goal weight of 120lbs. My BMI is now 23, which puts me in the healthy range. I continue to walk daily at a brisk pace for 45-60 minutes and look forward to my walks! I have plenty of energy to fulfill my role as a wife and mom which brings me great joy. My doctor is very pleased with my results and explained that I have reduced my chances of developing many chronic illnesses through this lifestyle change. My goals for losing weight included to be healthy, have more energy, to feel confident and sexy and I feel that I have successfully achieved each one.

I know that as we approach the New Year, many of you are thinking about your New Years Resolutions and if they include working towards a healthier lifestyle and losing weight, I would highly recommend that you consider Weight Watchers Online.

I look forward to losing the remaining 9 lbs and reaching my goal weight and then maintaining this weight for life. Weight Watchers is not a fad diet, but a lifestyle which I have embodied and know that it will change your life the way that it has changed mine.

I would like to thank Weight Watchers for providing me with a 3 months Weight Watchers Online subscription and to my family, friends and the Success Through Play Readers who have supported me along the way.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2009.



Mira said...

Well done girl! Keep up the great job. I am joining this week thanks to you!

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