Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor from hisense

The Award Winning Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor detects your little one's movements even the barely perceptible changes an infant's body makes during sleep. Its uniquely sensitive sensor pads, tucked under the baby's mattress, constantly register even the baby's slightest motion. A high-speed microprocessor control unit captures the motion patterns. With baby's every move, it flashes a green light, seen clearly from a distance. That reassuring green blink is your sign* that your baby is moving, just as an infant should be. If there's no movement for 20 seconds, or if Babysense V detects less than 10 micro-movements per minute, it immediately sounds an alarm and activates a flashing red light. That's your cue to check on the sleeping baby right away.

The Babysense V Infant Monitor proved to be an invaluable and lifesaving device for Anna and Ben, proud new parents of a beautiful baby girl, Marley who was 2 months old. The Berriz Family were spending a typical evening at their home when they heard the Babysense V Monitor sound an alarm from her nursery. Anna rushed into Marley's nursery to find a blue tinged baby, not breathing. She immediately performed infant CPR on Marley, saving her life.

"We spent the next two nights in the hospital, while our 2-month-old, Marley, was under observation," recalls Berriz. "The cause of her sudden cessation of breathing remains a mystery but if it wasn't for the alarm, Marley would not be here today. We are forever thankful to Babysense for saving her life."

The first home version of this device was introduced in 1993 in Europe and Australia who have been using this technology for over a decade. This product is designed with a simple, battery-operated system that doesn't connect to an electrical outlet. There are no wires connected to the baby. In fact, Babysense V has no direct contact with the baby: its sensor pads are connected to a small control unit. When the battery needs replacement - approximately every 6 months - you'll see a low-battery indicator light.

*Daily testing is required to ensure that it is functioning properly.

View the Babysense V Demo video here

What is included in the box:

Control units, 2 sensor pads, connecting cable, hanging bracket, parents user manual, requires 4AA batteries (NOT included). The box contains 2 sensor pads: the first is used from birth to 3 months and the second is added from 3 months onward. The sensor pads are made from ABS plastic free which is a hard, durable plastic. The Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor is very user friendly and super simple to set up. icons on display are very easy to read. Green light flashes to indicate movement Red alert alarm light. Low battery indicator light easy one-button activation activation button safety cover (can't be turned off by mistake). The control unit can be attached to the bottom of the bed or anywhere out of baby's reach via the hanging bracket. The Babysense V Infant Monitor is unique because it doesn't connect to any electrical outlet and operated via 4 x AA 1.5V batteries. The device is immune to inference from portable phones (cell phone, portable). It is compact and portable for easy travel.

Warning: Naturally Babysense V can't replace a parent or caretaker, it can only alert you to a problem. The purpose of the device is to alert you when stopping or slowing of movement occurs.

*For additional details, check out the FAQ.

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Straight from the parent panel:

"The Babysense V Infant Movement monitor is very parent friendly and I had no problem setting it up within seconds. The product manual is well written and easy to follow. The
trouble shooting chart is fantastic to have on hand and parents will be able to see at a glance how to proceed should any problems crop up. I really like that the sensor pads lie beneath the mattress and are out of sight. Nothing touches my baby. This product reduces my level of anxiety as a first time parent dramatically, allowing me to sleep peacefully."


*Put your baby on his back to sleep - every time.

*Make sure that the temperature in his nursery or your room is between 68 and 72 degrees.

*Dress your infant in an infant sleeping bag instead of using blankets. Adjust his clothing according to the temperature.

*Never buy a second hand crib. Take time to research buying a safe crib which needs to meet certain criteria in order to be considered safe. Check out this helpful guide.

*Do NOT buy a crib bumper, which have been show to be dangerous. Remove soft toys and anything else in the crib when putting baby down to sleep. Baby does not need a pillow or baby positioner.

*Choose a non-toxic, firm mattress. Mattresses are loaded with toxic chemicals. We love the Naturepedic line of mattresses which are the safest and highest quality ones on the market.

*Do NOT smoke when you are pregnant and keep baby away from second hand smoke once he is born.

*During your pregnancy, take an infant CPR class and enroll your partner, and anyone else who will be taking care of the baby. Take a refresher class intermittently, to maintain your skills.


Yael said...

Great article. The tips for keeping baby safe are fantastic.

Jennifer said...

I will definitely be adding this product to my baby registry. Thank you!

Sam said...

Very interesting product. I like how easy it is to operate!

Lauren said...

I received this as a gift at my baby shower. As a first time parent, I was able to have far less anxiety and I believe that it is worth its weight in gold. Highly recommend.

Lee-Anne said...

The baby Marley story gave me goosebumps. I will be ordering this pronto.