Adagio Teas: Gifts for the Tea Lover

Adagio Teas takes the love and appreciation of fine tea to a new level and offers gourmet teas and teaware for the tea lover in your life.

Understand Tea - a guide to tea by Chris Cason
This information filled little guide to tea is a quick read, yet very informative about the history of tea and herbal infusions, the health benefits of tea, the different types and grading of teas, and how to properly prepare teas. Starting with fundamentals of what tea really is and explanations of what Tisanes are, this guide not only has great content but is also beautiful to look at with bright, colorful and intriguing photographs of people, places and, of course, teas. As an avid tea drinker, this editor really appreciated the useful information both scientific and aesthetic, on how to select and brew the perfect cup of tea. The guide has sufficient details for even our tea aficionados, yet brief enough for the new-comer to tea drinking to get started in appreciating the world of tea, loose or in bags. The chapter on how to select decaffeinated teas and the tip on how to decaffeinate your own tea, which is the classic way of serving any tea in China, is really helpful for those seeking the health benefits of tea without the caffeine or toxic decaffeination processes. The guide makes a great gift for any tea fanatic or new convert to drinking tea. As with any food or beverage, one should understand the diversity of available teas that one might enjoy in order to find what appeals to you and this guide is a quick, beautiful and helpful guide to help you do just that. $5

Selecting Tea - Organic Teas
Once you have read the guide to tea, you will grow to appreciate the teas available from Adagio. These teas are of the highest quality with so many diverse varieties of tea available, one could experience a journey into tea country without even leaving home. The sample kits are a great way to get started in selecting your favorite for every occasion. We particularly appreciate organically grown teas and the selection available from Adagio Teas is extensive. Even before brewing or tasting, the aromas and visual beauty of these teas caught our attention. From long slender leaves to hand rolled teas, we could easily see why people appreciate tea as those who appreciate wine do so. We also appreciated Adagio Teas commitment to quality by providing each tea in an air tight tin which keeps the teas fresh longer and intact.

Brewing Tea - Tea infuser
Time to make some really great tea, but this can be more difficult with loose teas which is of a higher quality than than tea bags, but certainly worth the extra effort. The IngenuiTEA Teapot really helps for those wanting to brew a great cup of tea while traveling due to its light weight. The all plastic body is durable for travel in ones suitcase, microwaveable and has an easy to use and efficient filtering system. Simply fill the infuser with water, microwave until hot, add teas and let brew the proper time, then put the infuser on-top of your cup and the tea strains out quickly through the bottom. While a glass infuser would be better for home or office use, the plastic does not add any noticeable taste but should be fully cleaned before any use, and is viable for those times when appreciating ones favorite tea to de-stress while on long and tedious business trips or relaxing times on vacation. Available in 16oz or 32oz.

Adagio Teas offers a full selection of gift sets at every price point and gift certificates are also available to make your gift giving stress free. For a great gift idea, sign up your friends or family for the Tea of the Month Club.

The Adagio Tea website is very well designed and allows you to browse and shop for tea products with great ease. Download the handy Tea Timer which will ensure that you brew the perfect cup of tea every time and browse the monthly newsletter, TeaMuse which is most informative. You can also use the online locator to locate a Tea Room in your area. Tea enthusiasts can discuss all things Tea in the TeaChat Forum. For further information and to browse the full range of tea products, please visit


Carolyn said...

Great gift ideas! I am personally a coffee lover, but my family LOVE tea :-)

Jen said...

As a tea lover, I have always wanted to connect with others who appreciate my love of tea. Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful forum and a wonderful company. I can hardly wait to sample their teas!

Gina said...

The IngenuiTEA Teapot looks terrific and perfect for traveling.

Hayden said...

As a tea lover, I really enjoyed reading this.