Tiny Love Holiday Toy Guide 2008

Tiny Love is founded on the belief that "newborns possess the ability to communicate with and be stimulated by their environment." Their mission is to provide safe, innovative and top quality soft developmental toys that enhance a baby's developing senses. Tiny Love toys are designed by a team of experts including physicians, developmental specialists, birth educators and parents. Their success lies in their ability to match skill level with the various physical stages of baby's development. Through reaching, grasping, watching and listening, your baby learns more about his world by interacting with Tiny Love Toys. Consult the Baby Development Booklet from Tiny Love Toys, to learn more about your baby's development.

The Tiny Love website is very well designed and offers a wealth of information about your baby's development. You will find a detailed explanation of each product for sale, as well as the developmental benefits in terms of the senses, gross and fine motor skills, cognition and emotional intelligence. Parents will now be able to see at a glance what each toy offers before purchasing. Tiny Love produces wonderful tips for using a toy at various age ranges, to maximize baby's development.

The Back to Sleep Campaign was extremely successful in the reducing the number of SIDS cases, however, it has had an unintended side effect: many parents now never put their babies on their tummy to play. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants sleep on their backs. The keywords here are "BACK TO SLEEP" and "TUMMY AWAKE", meaning place baby on his back to sleep but during his awake hours, ensure that he gets plenty of supervised Tummy Time. Ensuring that baby spends minimal time in a container (stroller, swing, bouncer etc), plus the addition of supervised Tummy Time on a mat such as the Tummy Time Fun - Frog Pillow & Mat from Tiny Love when baby is AWAKE will reduce a baby's chances of developing plagiocephaly, which is clearly on the rise. In addition, regular supervised Tummy Time will help baby to develop strength and muscle coordination and will enhance his motor development. When baby is lying on his tummy and begins to push up on his hands, this weight bearing activity helps to develop the arches of his hand, which is very important for handwriting. Tummy Time allows baby an opportunity to practice skills that are precursors to crawling, such as reaching, pivoting and scooting.


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The adorable Tummy-Time Fun - Frog Pillow & Mat is oval shaped and measures approximately 23" x 32". It is machine washable which will keep it clean and germ free. It comes with a storage bag with a handle for easy travel. This well designed mat has been especially designed to engage your infant and make tummy time sessions fun! The mat offers many opportunities for sensory exploration. The friendly looking characters on the mat invite baby to take a closer look and the versatile activities will keep him engaged. The frog pillow features an inviting frog face which has a horn in the center and crinkly texture throughout for auditory stimulation. The left foot of the frog has a bell inside and the right foot has a crinkly texture and has a link attachment with 3 silicone leaves which serve as teethers. For variety, you can switch out the teethers attachment and ad additional toys from the Tiny Love range. The removable versatile frog pillow can be used with the mat or positioned on top of another mat for versatility. The mirror is superb because it is made with a high quality mirror insert and is large enough for baby to see himself in the mirror which is always a fascinating activity. For the baby girl in your life, consider the very similiar Tummy_Time Fun Ladybug Pillow & Mat from Tiny Love.

ClassiGo Take along musical toy can be attached to a stroller via the "claws" or a car seat handle via the velcro straps. It plays classical music for 20 mins which we found to be most relaxing and calming. True to the design team at Tiny Love, this toy was created with an infant in mind. The 3 hanging toys are designed to be viewed from below by baby and will twirl around and spin naturally per the movement of the stroller or car. Baby will have the opportunity to practice eye tracking while chilling out to the relaxing music. A wonderful take along toy for travel.

Baby's Wind Chimes is the perfect toy to encourage baby to practice batting his arms and kicking his legs. This toy attaches to the Tiny Love Gymini or Activitot range of play gyms. Each time baby sets the wind chimes in motion (even with the gentles tap), the wind chimes begin the sound with various tones to delight baby. Baby will be encouraged to continue to kick and bat, strengthening his gross and fine motor skills. The brightly colored wind chimes each have an adorable character attached below which feature contrasting colors, shapes and designs to capture baby's attention.

Combining plush with a rigid trunk is the secret behind the adorable Ella Elephant. This brightly colored toy features contrasting colors, bold designs and shapes to capture your baby's attention. When baby taps Ella, she will produce the most delight chime sound with beautiful tones. In addition, when baby grabs Ella's ears, arms or legs, a crinkly sound is produced to encourage further exploration. This toy attaches to the Tiny Love Gymini or Activitot range of play gyms and can also be played with independently. 0m+

The Grip and Grasp is a terrific stroller toy which will keep baby entertained while he is on the go. It attaches easily to your stroller via adjustable velcro straps (extendable straps are included). It features 3 different cause and effect activities which will provide many hours of fun! The woodpecker has a horn inside its tail and baby will have fun squeezing the tail! When the woodpecker's head touches the bell it makes a distinctive "ding" sound that will encourage baby to continue to practice his fine motor skills and manipulate the woodpecker. Crinkly wings procide wonderful audotiry feedback as well. The five colorful flowers in the middle have a strong spring inside them and baby will enjoy manipulating the flowers which have rattles insodie. The dragon fly is really cute and moves up and down with a full range of motion, producing a delightful rattle sound. This well deisnged stroller toy will keep baby content and provide a wonderful opportunity for play while on the go. 6m+

Many infant books on the market are very busy and cluttered with characters and scenes which can very easily overwhelm a baby. With its carefully drawn characters and simple backdrops, the Touch and Discover book is designed to engage baby, without overwhelming. Each page of the book will invite baby to explore different textures, unfold objects, manipulate things and engage the senses. To turn the book into electronic mode, simply flip the switch on the side and grab the bee which is designed to be easily grasped. Match the bee to each colorful animal with a silver stud and the particular animal's sound will be produced. Babies will be delighted to hear the clear, crisp sounds of the cow, duck, frog sheep, chicken, baby birds and the kite. The bee is attached via a short cord to ensure that he doesn't go flying away never to be found again. This wonderful book will become your baby or toddlers favorite! 6-18m.

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Lara said...

These toys are adorable. Great guide!

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How cute is that adorable Tummy Time Frog Mat! Thank you for posting the links about Tummy Time. The information is really fantastic.

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Ellie the Elephant is SO cute. My daughter will love it :-)

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The book looks wonderful. I like that the bee is attached via a cord LOL!

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Tiny Love toys are the BEST. They really know how to design developmental toys!

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We have the grip and grasp stroller toy. My son LOVES it and it keeps him entertained while we are strolling around.

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This is guide is so helpful. It is so difficult deciding what to buy for my children and knowing the developmental benefit of each toy really helps me in selecting an appropriate toy. Thank you.