Giveaway: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Basics

Founded in 1967, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care offers holistic products and treatments based on homeopathic principles. The skin care line is named after Dr Rudolf Hauschka, a scientist who studied the connection between nature and the human being. After studying he developed a series of medicines and skin care that promote health rather than attacking disease. This approach to skincare through the function of the skin rather than just the symptoms of dryness and oiliness is what sets this skin care line apart and establishes them as a holistic skin care line.

The Dr. Hauschka line is manufactured by WALA Heilmittel. WALA has been committed to bio-dynamic agriculture for over 50 yrs. They use the highest quality ingredients in their products. Their unique philosophy is that "Beauty begins in the Garden." WALA has one of the oldest Bio-dynamic gardens in the world, which is located in South Germany. The 12 acres of land are tended to by hand and boast 150 herbal varieties which exist in the garden. To help keep the plants healthy year around, WALA makes use of cows, sheep, ladybugs, and other friendly insects which replace pesticides to protect the maturing plants. In addition, a variety and birds and bees call this garden their home. This Biodynamic Garden is an exemplary model and we applaud WALA for continuing with time honored traditions which are good for the earth and for its people.

Many of the Dr. Hauschka products are bottled in high quality glass jars and containers which adds a luxurious feel to the line. This eco-friendly packaging is not only beautiful but is designed especially so that the contents can be free of artificial ingredients. A member of our panel had the opportunity to test some products from the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care line which included Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing products for the duration of one month.

"I was most intrigued by Dr. Hauschkas unique approach to skincare which differs greatly from every other brand on the market. I started to familiarize myself with this new approach by learning about the 7 facts that will change your skin. I began to understand that everything matters: bringing daily rhythm into your life into whatever way that you can. Your daily protocol of cleansing and quality of how you touch your face are imperative. With this in mind, I began my morning cleansing routine with the Cleansing Cream which effectively and gently cleansed my skin. I followed this with the refreshing Facial Toner which has a light aroma and is very soothing to the skin. Since I have combination skin with an oily t-panel and dry cheeks, I combined the Normalizing Day Oil and the Moisturizing Day Cream and gently patted it onto my skin. My skin was left with a glow and this created the perfect base on which to apply my make-up. With my prior skin care products, I had great difficulty applying my mineral make-up, but with the Dr Hauschka products, my make-up went on beautifully. One of the 7 rules include skipping the Night Cream at night, to allow your skin to breathe. I admit that I was fairly skeptical of this rule and was concerned that by not using a night cream, my skin would turn very dry. Well, to my complete surprise, the opposite occurred. Each evening, I would remove my make-up with the Cleansing Milk which I adore. It is very soothing to my dry skin. I followed this with Rhythmic Conditioner. This product can be used with the changing seasons, and is designed to strengthen, renew and regulate all the functions of the skin. Each box contains 28 mini ampules which you gently pat on your face and neck. I looked forward to this nightly routine which was calming and relaxing and helped me to sleep better. I began to enjoy my super fast night routine and I immediately noticed that my skin didn't miss the heavy night creams. I also had the opportunity to test out the Moisturizing Mask which was completely different to any other mask that I have tried in that it didn't pull my skin tight, but instead imparted moisture in a gentle manner. I can honestly say that after using these products for the duration of a month, my skin is in the best condition that it has been and I received so many complimentary from colleagues. I highly recommend this skin care line"

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Courtesy of Dr Hauschka, we have the following fabulous prize up for grabs:

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Aromatherapy Bath Kit with pure essential oils (travel/trial kit)

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Holistic Face Care Kit for Normal, Dry and Sensitive Skin (travel/trial kit)

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Rhythmic Night Conditioner for all skin conditions.

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jasmine said...

What an interesting and unique approach to skin care.

Mia said...

This is my favorite brand. It is expensive, but worth every penny. My skin has never looked so beautiful. I am a faithful customer for life.

Anna said...

Fascinating. It is so helpful to learn more about the ethos of a company before purchasing. I am most intrigued and will be trying some of their products.

Jennifer said...

I have seen this brand of skin care at my spa but now that I understand their philosophy, I will also be trying it out. What a refreshing approach to skin care.

Jessica said...

Their Biodynamic Garden in Germany sounds just beautiful. To learn that it is pesticide free by using animals and insects is remarkable.

Mrs Peters said...

Well written. You have really highlighted the essence of this brand. It is my favorite brand and the only one that I use. My skin has also never looked so beautiful.

Kristen said...

So lovely to find a natural product line using glass containers!

Karen said...

Hooray, another great giveaway. I am hoping to win this fabulous package!