The Omega 8003/8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

The USDA recommends that Americans consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day in an effort to maintain good health. Numerous studies have linked consumption of fruits and vegetables to a reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, high vegetable and fruit intake can help you maintain a healthy weight, boost your immune system and increase your energy levels. However, despite these recommendations, Americans are still not getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and are relying too heavily on processed foods, meat, milk and refined grains and sugar. A simple way to introduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet is through juicing.

There are many types of juicers on the market. Nutritional experts favor the single gear "masticating-style" juicers which operate at a lower RPM to slowly extract nutrients, simulate chewing and ensure the best possible taste. The juicer which meets our stringent testing standards is the Omega 8003/8006 Nutrition Center Juicer from Omega Products, Inc. Omega is a legendary name in fresh juice extraction and produces the highest quality single gear masticating style juicer on the market. The Omega Nutrition Center is available in either a white or a stainless steel finish and will look stylish and elegant on your counter top. The heavy-duty juicer features a patented auger which operates at a RPM of 75 to 85.

The Omega 8003/8006 Nutrition Center Juicer comes complete with all the parts and accessories required for full use of the machine in the variety of functions, saving you money! Assembling the juicer couldn't be any simpler and our test engineer was most impressed with the juicer's stability and mechanics. The juicer functions effortlessly and smoothly and is surprisingly quiet. The juicer makes the most delicious "crunching" sound similar to a rabbit when it juicers celery and children are sure to get a kick out of it.

The Omega 8003/8006 Nutrition Center effortlessly juices hard and soft fruits, including citrus fruits which are often very difficult to juice. The juicer excels in juicing all kinds of vegetables and customers will be extremely impressed to see first hand how much juice is extracted, leaving behind a very dry pulp, which translates to more nutrition and savings for you. The pulp can be used in a variety of baked goods or raw food treats. This juicer can even handle wheatgrass and leafy greens, which distinguishes it from the vast majority of the juicers on the market and offers customers the opportunity to benefit from these powerful sources of antioxidants. The result? A delicious, nutritious green drink, packed with vitamins and minerals. The perfect breakfast drink and the ideal afternoon pick me up drink to ensure continued energy and vitality throughout the day.

Clean up is really a breeze thanks to the well designed parts, accessories and the fantastic cleaning brush which is included in the box. Offering terrific value for money in these tough economic times, with the quick change of the blank cone/ juicing screen/nozzle the Omega Model 8003/8006 Nutrition Center functions as a basic food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer and grinder. Now you can easily prepare healthy and delicious foods from scratch with little effort and save additional money.

Omega Products, Inc. stand proudly behind their products and offer a 10 year warranty on all parts and labor on this product so customers can feel confident that they are buying a top quality product.


Most people juice mainly fruits, but we would like to encourage you to try to juice mainly vegetables, to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Feel free to add an apple, lemon and lime for sweetness and flavor, but focus on having a higher ratio of vegetables to fruit.

Start slowly to allow your body to get accustomed to juicing. Our panel recommends limiting fresh juice intake to just 4oz per day initially and slowly building up. Dilute fresh juice with 50% water during the first few weeks of juicing. For example, during the initial period, fill a glass with 4 oz of fresh juice and another 4 oz of fresh water.


This is a staff favorite (Ref Dr. Oz):

1 organic lemon with peel removed (sweet variety)
1 small organic lime with rind removed
1 large organic cucumber
1 large organic Golden Delicious Apple
1 large organic Red Apple (sweet variety)
1 large handful of fresh organic spinach
1 large handful of organic parsley (fresh)
1 head of organic celery
1.5 inch of ginger peeled

Wash vegetables well. Slice into long, thin pieces sized to fit through the chute. Starting with soft
textures and progressing to hard textures, feed fruits and veggies slowly through the machine. Follow enclosed pamphlets for additional operating instructions and tops. Enjoy!


The Omega 8003/8006 Nutrition Center Juicer can be purchased directly from Omega Juicers. Cheers to your health! The two models are identical; the 8003 is the white finish and the 8006 the chrome/black finish.

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Sarah said...

The juice looks delicious. I feel so informed now. Great article!

Jane said...

This juicer looks fantastic. Despite our efforts, we don't get adequate fruit and veggies intakes, including our children. This is an easy way to do so and looks like a lot of fun as well!

Annabel said...

What vibrant looking fruits and veggies!!! Thank you for the recipe.

Mrs Walker said...

We, like many Americans are on a tight budget, so I when I do purchase new appliances, I am on the lookout for dual/multi-functional products. This juicer definitely fits the bill! I really like the stylish design.

Jennifer said...

I would really love to see a reader giveaway of this product! Holding thumbs....

Hannah said...

This juicer is going straight onto my Mother's Day Wish list.

Sam said...

My kids don't eat nearly enough green veggies and I think that they would benefit from drinking freshly made juice. The juicer looks top quality.

Miriam said...

I am thrilled to see an article promoting juicing. Commercially prepared juices are for the most part not fresh, loaded with preservatives (and often sweeteners as well) and don't deliver on the nutrient-anti-oxidant-vitamins-mineral front. I am very familiar with this juicer as I have one and I can reassure readers that it is top quality, super ease to use, to clean and will improve your energy levels and overall health.

Amanda Sage said...

After watching an episode of Oprah, I was inspired to start juicing however I was confused about which kind of juicer to purchase and what brands were reputable. I am sold on the Omega Nutrition Center Juicer and I think that the name says it all! Thank you for offering such helpful reviews. Cheers to your health!

Mary said...

I am inspired to buy this product and start juicing. I have read many books which highlight the benefits of juicing, but I held off purchasing a juicer as I couldn't find any thorough reviews. I really appreciate that you take the time to test each product before writing the review. Most other magazines don't!

Jay said...

This is one very cool looking machine. WOW!

Jenni said...

I second the request for a giveaway! Maybe for Earth Day?

Anonymous said...

thanx for the article and recipe. i was trying to decide which juicer to get and now im going with this one. just found a good deal too at Dimond Health. so far no one else seems to be selling it as cheap so im gonna splurge on a gift to me. :)

Mark Cohen said...

Wow, just saw this on your site a while back, then say this juicer on sale so I bought one. Now I am hooked, and getting even my kids to get in some more veggies. They actually love the Green Juice.