Walkabout® Lite 2 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter

Airlines are tightening their belts and the effect is apparent in nearly every aspect of travel, including baggage. Many national and international airlines have reduced both the quantity and weight of check-in luggage. This now means that you need to re-think about your check-in luggage and consider upgrading to lightweight luggage in order to avoid being charged additional fees.

Ever since Travelpro invented the very first Rollaboard®, they continue to lead the luggage industry with innovative and value. From Rollaboards® in every size to the most functional totes and duffels, Travelpro maintains steadfast in its mission to satisfy the ever changing needs of the traveling consumer. That's why Travelpro's "Pilot Designed, Flight Crew Tested" styles are chosen by over 425,000 airlines professional flight crew members worldwide.

We recommend selecting the largest, sturdiest and most lightweight luggage that you can find(within airline limits). Enter the Walkabout Lite 2 range from Travelpro, an innovative range of luggage that is perfectly designed for the new check-in baggage restrictions. Wasting precious weight on a heavy piece of luggage doesn't make any sense. Choosing a lightweight bag will allow you to take full advantage of your luggage and enable you to pack more essential items.

Walkabout® Lite 2

Light. Durable. Goes the distance.™ Discover the world with the WalkAbout® Lite Collection, built to suit any traveler, from the casual daytripper to the serious sightseer. Inside each expandable rollaboard® luggage you'll find a hideaway hamper, removable accessories kit, and removable deluxe-style garment sleeve for formal packing. With more interior space, easy maneuverability and affordable pricing, these feature-rich bags makes travel sensible and get you there in style.

We received the Walkabout® Lite 2 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter from Travelpro. This stylish, lightweight bag measures 28" x 20.5" x 12" and weighs in at just 12.8lbs. With many airlines setting a weight restriction of 50 pounds per each check-in bag, travelers can maximize this amount by selecting to a lightweight bag such as Walkabout® Lite 2 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter which will allow you to pack about 37 pounds worth of essentials in your bag, while still keeping within weight limit and avoiding overweight charges.

Looking closely at this bag it is clearly evident that it has been designed by travel professionals with attention to every detail.


The Walkabout® Lite 2 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter features a Light Weight FlexPro honeycomb frame construction and is made from durable, yet lightweight 1680D Dobby Nylon and is stain resistant to ensure that your luggage remains looking fresh and new. The single-hand center locking retractable handle system is smooth and easy to operate and has a TPR grip for comfort and security. On the outside of the bag, you will find two zippered compartments. One large compartment which can expand to accommodate an item such as a jacket. The second compartment can hold paperwork and other flat objects. The bag features 2 handles. One of the top and the second on the side which will allow you to remove the bag from the conveyor belt at the airport with great ease, without having to contort your body and risk injury trying to reach for the top handle! The wheels are well designed and move smoothly on a variety of terrains. The feet of the bag can rotate 90 degrees to provide extra stability against tipping and rotate back in place while during the flight. A luggage label holder ensures that your details can be accessed by airport personal in the event that the bag goes missing, and can be easily tucked away out of sight for privacy and security. A handy accessory is the "add a bag" strap (included with the bag) which clips to the connector post on the top of the bag. This allows you to attach a "tote" that will hang on the outside of the main bag. The padded zips throughout the bag are ease to grip and make fastening and unfastening the bag very easy.


Looking inside the bag from the top you will find a removable deluxe style garment sleeve which will hold shirts or a suit jacket. Once you reach your hotel room, simply remove it, unfold and its ready to go directly into the closet. In the main section of the bag you will find 4 large elasticized compartments which can any travel essentials that need to be accessed easily and quickly, saving you time and frustration. We packed a travel hairdryer, food items, clothing, even shoes into these compartment and were most impressed with how much they hold. On the right side of the main compartment you will find a removable toiletry kit which features 2 large compartments for storing your toiletries. The kit clips securely to the side of the suitcase which ensures that it stays in place during motion. We were able to fit skin care products, make-up as well as first aid essentials in the 2 compartments which have wet pockets in case of spills. The toiletry kit has a hook attached so when you
remove it you can simply hang it in the bathroom of your hotel room. The main compartment of this bag is very spacious and will fit all of your clothing and other essentials with ease. Two straps hold everything in place and unsnap with ease when you are ready to unpack. As the name of the bag suggests, the Rollaboard expands for added capacity which will allow to bring home souvenirs and other goodies. Also included with the bag is a solid brass TSA approved lock for national travel which is a nice bonus.

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Sarah said...

Thank you for writing such a thorough review! The pictures and description really helped to highlight the features of this bag and now I know that it is definitely the right bag for my upcoming overseas trip in Feb.

Jen said...

Great review! My 28 inch rollaboard weighs in at over 20 pounds and that's before I put anything in it. Definitely time for an upgrade to a lightweight model. This one looks terrific.

Nina said...

Yes, the pictures that you have posted are outstanding. I am really disorganized which doesn't mesh well with traveling. I like how this bag is designed to help us organize the contents of the bag. This way I won't have to pull everything out just to find that one item!

Sam said...

This bag has so many great features yet hardly weighs anything. We definitely need to replace our heavy bags to comply with airline regulations and avoid overweight charges. The Walkabout Lite range looks great.

Simon said...

So true! I didn't know about the new baggage restrictions and ended up paying hefty overweight fees. Going the lightweight baggage route makes complete sense. This bag looks awesome.

Jim said...

I didn't even know that a 28" inch expandable bag could weigh this little. I am definitely going to be trading in my chunky bag. The features of this bag are very appealing to me, since I lack organizational skills as well :-)

Peter said...

The garment sleeve looks like a handy feature for my suits which tend to arrive very wrinkled with the traditional design of std luggage. The pictures that you have posted are very helpful. Great work!

Naomi said...

I haven't flown in a while and really didn't think to even call my airlines to find out about the new baggage restrictions. I usually visit my family overseas but haven't been able to go recently due to my health. I just got off the phone with the airline only to find out that yes, indeed, I am now only permitted to check in ONE bag. Thank you for highlighting this! Now I can actually plan ahead without being charged extra. I am not someone who likes to pack light, and usually need to bring gifts for every family member, but with the Walkabout Lite range of luggage, at least I can pack the maximum amount of things (in an organized manner) and still check in just one bag. Thank you!!!!!!!

Jason said...

I like the look of the luggage. Very elegant yet functional at the same time. I am impressed.

Anne said...

Whenever I travel I always check out what brand of luggage the pilot and his crew are carrying. I figure that they know what they are talking about. I have seen the Travelpro brand being used the most often and had been meaning to check out the website but never got round to it. This review really highlights just way airline crew continue to select Travelpro. Might impressive indeed :-) The pics are really good and I really appreciate that you actually test out the products without writing blind reviews. The quality shows. I am a reader for life!

Mira said...

This bag has so many features and looks very practical. I am also guilty of throwing out the contents of my bag upon arrival at a hotel and a bag like this one would really help me to organize my belongings and reduce my stress. I like the design of the toiletry bag, which looks plenty roomy.

Desiree said...

With all the luggage brands on the market, I wouldn't know where to start and now I won't have to agonize over which bag to choose. Packed with features, its a clear winner.