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The Back to Sleep Campaign was extremely successful in the reducing the number of SIDS cases, however, it has had an unintended side effect: many parents now never put their babies on their tummy to play. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants sleep on their backs. The keywords here are "BACK TO SLEEP" and "TUMMY AWAKE", meaning place baby on his back to sleep but during his awake hours, ensure that he gets plenty of supervised Tummy Time. Ensuring that baby spends minimal time in a container (stroller, swing, bouncer etc), plus the addition of supervised Tummy Time on a mat such as the Mommy Mat (see below) when baby is AWAKE will reduce a baby's chances of developing plagiocephaly, which is clearly on the rise. In addition, regular supervised Tummy Time will help baby to develop strength and muscle coordination and will enhance his motor development. When baby is lying on his tummy and begins to push up on his hands, this weight bearing activity helps to develop the arches of his hand, which is very important for handwriting. Tummy Time allows baby an opportunity
to practice skills that are precursors to crawling, such as reaching, pivoting and scooting.


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Agent Mommy

After the birth of her daughter, Shannon O'Hara soon found that her non carpeted home was not the safest place for her new baby. Shannon wanted an activities space for her daughter, who loved creating little environments all over our home. Shannon looked for a suitable play mat that could act as a safe and clean play space that was big enough for her daughter and her friends, had no logos and was made of non toxic materials. Shannon always appreciated beautiful fabrics having worked in textiles and decided to design a play mat that could serve that purpose without cramping her homes aesthetic and be portable, to act as an outdoor play space in our backyard and at the park. After much research Shannon was able to source great fabrics that looked and felt fantastic and were eco-friendly too. The Mommy mat was born and Shannon launched her company Agent Mommy in the Spring of 2008 in Canada where she is based. and has been doing great for mommies and tots everywhere from Canada to Australia.

We were intrigued by Shannon's company name and sat down with her to get the scoop.

"Prior to becoming a mum I designed a line of accessories called Agent Honey. I had always been a fan of secret agents like Barbara Feldon's character Agent 99 in Get Smart, of Bond movies and spy novels. I loved the way the two words sounded together and it stuck. When motherhood came along I channeled my creative energy to a different focus: my new baby and when coming up with a name for this baby centric line it felt completely natural to choose agent mommy. Agent mommy is mommies alli for fashionably functional accessories that make their journey through mommy-hood fabulous.....and baby loves it too. In the new year we will be expanding our line with reclaimed leather accessories for toddlers such as bracelet cuffs and belts. "

The Agent Mommy line consists of the staple Mommy Mat, a 50"x50" double sided mat PVC, resistant polyester that is both machine washable and dryer safe. The mat is very well made and the material is sturdy and durable. The mat is a generously sized to allow for several babies to play together, which is wonderful for encouraging social interaction from an early age. Babies will have ample opportunity to participate in tummy time, rolling, supine play, sitting and napping. The mat rolls up easily and compactly and can be stored in its' rain or shine case. The case has a shoulder strap and can be carried comfortably on your shoulder, or, with the addition of the Stroller Buddy Clips, can be attached to your stroller. This is the ideal indoor/outdoor mat for play dates, outing to the park or simply having fun at home.

The Handy Change Clutch comes in a compact size 12" x 6.5" in matching fabric to the mat. Ideal for when you need to run a quick errand and don't want to lug your main diaper bag. The lining is waterproof and holds 2 diapers and a wipee case (included). The Handy clutch can also be attached to the Stroller Buddy Clips. The clutch is fashionable enough for the style conscious Mommy who will continue to use it long after the diapering days are over.

The Stroller Buddy Clips are the perfect accessory to any cross bar stroller. Designed specifically for the fashion-savvy mom on the go, the stroller buddy clips attach to most strollers with non skid straps that have a convenient slider to adjust to any handle. This innovative product is very well designed and will allow parents to securely attach the mat and clutch to any stroller. The stroller buddy clips will hold most baby bags or handbags and of course the mommy mat system products attach perfectly to the Stroller Buddy clips.

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Theresa said...

The mommy mat looks great. I love how compact it folds up and that you can sling it over your shoulder.

Aimee said...

Excellent article. Thank you for explaining more about Tummy Time and for providing the great links. The Mommy Mat looks terrific - I like the Hemp Fabric which looks durable.

Jen said...

So stylish!

Sarah said...

The clutch looks terrific for short errands.

Sheri said...

Awesome to see a product that is NOT made in China. Go Canada!

Maya said...

The floral mat is beautiful.

CeCe said...

The Mommy Mat looks very well designed and since we have wooden flooring throughout our home, it makes a lot of sense to invest in one.