It is never to young to instill the love of reading with your child. In todays fast paced high tech world, children are reading less and less and this is being translated into poorer academic scores in the later years. Parents and caregivers can start early by building positive and fun experiences around reading. The Begin Smart Book Series is a developmental publishing program which is designed to encourage physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of babies and toddlers.

Created by Harriet Ziefert, a teacher and children author who has spent many years researching age-appropriate content for babies. leading experts in the field of education

The Begin Smart Series includes books in the following ages groups:

Birth to 6 months
6 months to 12 months
12 months to 18 months
18 months to 2 years

The Begin Smart Website is a terrific resource for parents and caregivers. Don't forget the check out the Learning to love Reading link where you will find expert advice and tips for reading with your child at various ages.

The Begin Smart Book Series takes the form of soft books, flash cards, board books, foam books, accordion style books, lift-the=flap books, electronic books and more, to engage all of the senses.

Here are out top picks from the series:

Newborn to six months:
Night-Night, Baby
This soft book is the perfect bedtime story and is sure to become an evening routine well beyond 6 months! Transitions are often difficult for babies and toddlers and by reading this book with your baby and toddler, he will begin to associate this with bedtime. The illustrations are wonderful without being overstimulating. Each page has a different animal on it with a "blanket" which proceeds it. The caregiver can place the blanket over each animal which will help your baby to see that it is now time to sleep.

The book comes with helpful suggestions for parents and offers tips for how to use this book which we really appreciate.

Six to Twelve Months:

This delightful book features various types of dogs and clear bright pictures which will hold your baby's attention. For an extra treat, baby can push the "woof" button and hear a dog barking! Also included is "fur" which provides tactile input.

Twleve to Eighteen months:

This book will help your baby to get ready for bath time! The sweet characters and rhyming words will engage your baby and help to create a positive attitude about bathing.

Eighteen to Twenty-four Months
Who Am I?

A panel favorite and a must have! This fun books takes peek a boo to the next level with cut out eyes for parents to hold the book up to their face and pretend to be the beautifully illustrated characters in the page. This book is easy to grasp as it has a cut out handle for your toddler to hold or tote around. This book is sure to become a favorite.

Begin Smart Books make wonderful gifts that will be appreciated for years to come.


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Becky said...

This looks like a fantastic program! You can never have too many books.

Megan said...

How interesting!

Sarah said...

Fantastic. Will make great gifts!

Mia said...

I am really impressed that educators created these books.

Jane said...

These colorful books sound terrific. I agree Becky, you can never have too many books!

Irma said...

Fun Books!

Jen said...

I will be ordering some. I am really impressed with the concept.