Lotus Foods Stainless Steel Rice Cooker and Rice

Cooking perfect rice the healthy way.

The Lotus Foods Stainless Steel Rice Cooker and Steamer is a high quality automatic kitchen appliance. The insert is fully stainless steel with a heavy base. Both are important and very different from most rice cookers on the market. Cooking pots and pans, including rice cooker inserts, should be stainless steel and not so-called "non-stick". The "non-stick" coating is called PFA, for short. PFA is currently considered one of the most prevalent contaminants in the environment and in the body today due to the extensive use of this material for "non-stick" coating. The FDA has been considering banning its use due to the toxic nature of the substance, that can cause flu like symptoms from acute exposure. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is safe to use for food, but some people worry about rice sticking to the bottom of the insert. Part of the solution is to provide even heat to the bottom surface and the heavy bottom distributes heat evenly to help prevent burning. Keeping the insert clean and smooth also helps reduce the likelihood of rice sticking. A great way to do this is to use baking soda in a thick paste, to clean and polish all your stainless steel kitchenware. Baking soda is a safe cleaning product that works extremely well on many surfaces and is safe for you and the environment.
We were fortunate to not only test the Rice Cooker but also experience Lotus Foods Rice. We cooked and enjoyed tasting a wide variety of rices courtesy of Lotus Foods which included: Bhutanese Red Rice, Jade Pearl Rice, Brown Kalijira Rice, Forbidden Rice and Jasmine Rice. To get you started, Lotus Foods offers a Rice Sampler Pack . All were of high quality with great taste and textures and all unique from each other. One favorite and not common to those in the west, was the Forbidden Rice. This is a truly unique rice with a smooth, deep and rich flavor like no other rice we have experienced before. No wonder only the Empirer himself was allowed to eat this very special rice. Not only does Lotus foods produce outstanding quality rice, it also provides on the package, intriging information about the rice and its history, and Lotus foods buys its rice from small growers promoting Fair Trade practices.

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Helen said...

I am so excited to find out about this eco-friendly rice cooker. I didn't know that this existed! Hooray for rice.

Noelene said...

I am most impressed that many of the "exotic" rices are available in organic options. I can't wait to give them a try!

Evan said...

Thank you for a fantastic article. I can't wait to order my rice cooker and sample some rice!

Sarah said...

I have searched everywhere for a high quality stainless steel rice cooker and had come up short. I am thrilled to have come across this article. The Lotus Foods Rice Cooker looks perfect for my family. Thank you for the helpful cleaning advice :-)

Nikki said...

Delicious! The rice cooker looks fab.

jenny said...

i met the lotus foods folks at the seattle green fest and couldn't believe the quality of their rice! it is delicious and i am now buying it in bulk through their website. THANK YOU for reviewing their rice cooker - it is hard to find a rice cooker without the non-stick feature, so i am so happy to have run across your article!