2009 Inglesina Zippy Stroller Review

Inglesina was established over forty years ago and has a solid reputation for producing top quality, Italian Engineered strollers and baby products. Through research, innovation and style Inglesina continues to offer parents around the world products which are comfortable, safe and functional.

Today we are highlighting the fantastico 2009 Inglesina Zippy Stroller, the top quality, full featured stroller which is still proudly manufactured in Italy, and is it itself a rarity in this Asian- centric baby product industry. The legendary Inglesina Zippy is well known for its patented, one-handed fold that enables parents and caregivers to fold the stroller effortlessly in a "zip." The 2009 Zippy offers several new features including telescoping handles which also rotate inward, a matching foot muff (included), a new wheel design and an improved cup holder.

The stylish stroller arrives pre-assembled. Simply attach the canopy, foot muff, napper bar/snack tray and cup holder and you are ready to stroll. The outstanding Italian engineering and craftsmanship is evident in the Zippy's superior design, top quality construction and materials and durability.

The 2009 Inglesina Zippy Stroller stroller is a perfect blend of style, comfort, safety and function, keeping true to Inglesina's philosophy and is an urban parents dream.

Handle bars

Never underestimate the importance of ergonomic handle bars when reviewing strollers prior to purchase. In fact, we think that examining the handle bars is one the first things that you should look for when selecting a stroller, not the last! Parents often focus on everything besides the handle bars. You will be logging in hundreds upon hundreds of miles while gripping the handle bars so please give careful attention and thought to them.

Your posture while pushing a stroller is a critical element that needs to be considered. Quite simply, if you are not maintaining a good posture when you are pushing a stroller, you may very well find yourself developing back and shoulder pain. Glance in the mirror when you are pushing your stroller and note if your shoulders are relaxed in a neutral position, vs hunched. How does your body feel after you have been pushing the stroller?

The 2009 Inglesina Zippy's newly designed, telescoping ergonomic handle bars are definitely noteworthy. The comfortable handle bars are height adjustable so now, parents of different heights will both be able to use this stroller comfortably, while maintaining perfect posture. In addition, the handle bars can rotate inwards, allowing parents to push the stroller effortlessly with one hand.


The large well designed canopy on the Zippy is fantastic, and very rarely seen on an umbrella style stroller. The canopy extends all the down to the bumper bar to protect your little one from the elements, as well as from sensory overload and can be locked into place for added security. The canopy is equipped with a zipper which allows parents to unzip a portion of the canopy during warm weather, to provide ventilation for your baby. A nice size peek-a-boo window on the rear allows parents to keep a close eye on their baby. The canopy also boasts a small pocket with a magnetic closure to store essentials that you need within arms reach (keys, wallet etc)


The plush, luxurious seat is well padded for your child's comfort and extends into the lateral quadrants of the stroller, providing added comfort for baby when he takes a nap or stretched out. The seat cover is removable and hand washable which parents will appreciate! The 5 point safety harness with comfort covers is easy to operate and ensures that your baby remains safely secured in the stroller. The seat reclines in 4 positions via a centralized control on the rear of the backrest which operates smoothly and easily. The seat reclines to about 30 degrees shy of flat. To use from birth, consider purchasing either the car seat adapter or the bassinet (both sold separately). The front footrest adjusts in 2 positions.


The new and improved 7 inch wheels are well designed. The front wheels can be locked off when navigating uneven terrain or unlocked for superior maneuverability. The impressive one touch brake system is very well designed and easy to operate and provides an extra layer of security.

Napper Bar and Snack Tray

The napper bar may be replaced with the snack tray by simply unsnapping and clicking into place. The snack tray has a generous centralized depression for holding snacks and two cup holders on either side which will keep baby well fed and hydrated.

Storage Basket

The storage basket will accommodate a medium size diaper bag plus a few baby essentials. The basket is designed to keep the contents safely in place. The basket will hold a medium to large size diaper bag and access is via the front or side. Pictured above is the Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag.


The 2009 Zippy comes complete with a napper bar, snack tray, cup holder and new for 2009, rain cover, a stylish matching foot muff. Optional extras include a bassinet and car seat adapter for newborns. The handy cup holder is well made and adjusts to accommodate water bottles of several widths while keeping them snug and secure. Caregivers will be able to stay hydrated while on the go.

Operation and Road Test

The ability of the handle bars to rotate inwards allows parents to push the stroller with just one hand. Why is this feature so advantageous?

*When your baby needs to be comforted and held, you can still push the stroller with your one free hand.

*When you toddler is eager to practice walking, you can hold his hand with one hand and push the stroller with your other hand.

*If you are crossing the street with your baby in the stroller and your older child is walking next to you, you can simply reach out and hold your child's hand while crossing the street while pushing the stroller simultaneously.

Opening and closing the stroller couldn't be any easier. The true one-handed patented fold is exceptional and must be experienced first hand to be fully appreciated. Parents can now hold their baby in one hand while using their other hand to fold the stroller, allowing them to keep their baby in their arms. This feature will prove to be invaluable in your activities of daily living when you have only one hand to spare! The stroller folds into a compact standing fold which offers many advantages. With a standing fold, the stroller doesn't lay on the ground and is not exposed to the dirt on the ground, helping to keep your stroller looking fresh and clean. The compact, standing fold will serve you well in a restaurant as the stroller can be stored next to your table in a restaurant without taking up very much room. This feature is also ideal if you live in an apartment and are tight on space. In addition, because you are not bending down each time to pick the stroller up off the floor, you are minimizing strain to your back.

The stroller can be pulled behind you like luggage, which will make traveling a breeze, or you can use the lateral side handle to carry the stroller. This full featured stroller weighs in at 22.5 lbs (with canopy).
The 2009 Inglesina Zippy performed very well in our road test with strengths including: excellent maneuverability, enabling parents to swivel and pivot around the tightest corners and a smooth ride courtesy of its four wheel suspension. The center of gravity of this stroller is low which results in a stable stroller that makes it difficult to tip, adding to the safety of the stroller. The stroller performs best on smoother sidewalks, even roads, grass, and indoor terrains.

The 2009 Inglesina Zippy Stroller is available in a selection of stylish colors which will attract many compliments and give you the confidence to stroll in style.

For purchasing information, please click here.

For additional information and to view the full product range from Inglesina please visit the Inglesina Website.


Courtesy of Inglesina, we have an Elegante 2009 Inglesina Zippy Cioccolato up for grabs.

Congratulations to Dean P, a single dad from Florida. Dean suffered a CVA (stroke) at a young age and has weakness in the left side of his body. Parenting is a great joy for Dean, however it is not without its challenges. Dean will be able to make full use of the one-handed steering with the newly designed handles and the one-handed fold.


Jessie said...

Wow, great review. The pictures are really helpful in highlighting the features.

Lara said...

OMG what a giveaway. Thank you!

Emily said...

You have sold me on this gorgeous stroller. I am adding it to my baby registry! Thank you.

Mrs Peters said...

The new features for 2009 are very exciting. My husband and I have a height different of 5 inches and thus finding a stroller that we can both use comfortably has been a challenge. We are looking to purchase a 2nd stroller and this one will definitely be on the list. Excellent pictures by the way.

Annabel said...

The ability to push the stroller and close and open it with only hand is phenomenal. I will also be adding this to my registry.

Joe said...

Wow, this stroller is really still made in Italy. I am impressed.

Teresa said...

The 2009 updates just further enhance a great stroller! We have the 2007 model and I can tell you that from baby through toddler, it is the only stroller that we use for our urban lifestyle. Highly recommend it.

Matt said...

Another awesome giveaway. Thank you!

Jim said...

You raise some very interesting points. I am sold!

Sarah said...

We love our Zippy! It has really streamlined our lives and made it easier for us to juggle our everyday activities. The unique features of the zippy really make it a hands down winner for our family.

Sheri said...

Very stylish indeed. I love Italian products.

Anonymous said...

love this stroller. The best out there. I own an Inglesian and a Bugaboo and after having used both, the Inglesina is the most PRACTICAL stroller.