DadGear™ Satchel - Dads Diaper Bag

The DadGear Satchel is a rugged bag setting a new standard for Dad diaper bags and empowering dads to take an active role in caring for their baby. It is designed after a European bag and incorporates a "hands free" approach which allows you to change, feed, and entertain your child without ever having to set the bag down or if you do, it can stand on it own due to the unique triangular end wall shape.

Features include:

• Quick access wipes window and refillable wipes case make grabbing wipes a breeze.

• Large interior pocket for diapers or food.

• Large zippered interior pocket for storing larger items.

• Three pockets under front flap for secure storage and other items.

• Two neoprene exterior side pockets for bottles.

• Stroller straps attach to any style stroller and store in their own pockets.

• Changing pad included in its own pocket to eliminate cross contamination.

• Light-colored interior helps you see everything inside.

• Large, adjustable 2" strap made of ultra-comfortable webbing.

• Durable materials and classic styling ensure this bag will last long after the diapering years.

This bag is available in several colors and styles including a limited edition, one-of-a-kind recycled billboard option.

Purchase this bag direct from DadGear's online store or to find a retailer in your area, please click here.

Given the fact that almost all of the parent products on the international market today are geared towards moms, it's no wonder that Dads may be feeling left out! Men don't want to schlep around feminine Diaper Bags, period! Well, fear no longer because DadGear™ has come to the rescue, again! DadGear™ shipped us our sample of the new Satchel design immediately and were always quick to respond to any questions that we had, which really impressed us. Our engineer was "highly impressed" with the top quality components of the satchel and said that "this diaper bag is built to last showing a consistent commitment to quality products". Our panel of dads could hardly wait to test drive the new Satchel! They admitted that they were terribly embarrassed having to carry/hold their wives floral silk diaper bags around town and were receiving "strange stares from other men"!!! We could immediately see the self esteem of the dads rise as they donned their Satchels. One dad exclaimed "these products REALLY are built with dads in mind". Another shouted "finally, I never thought this day would come". Both dads really liked the self- standing design making it easy to simply pop open the wipes case and reach into the bag to grab diapers without having to struggle. Dads we interviewed like to keep baby in place with one hand and reach into their bag with only one free hand and this can be accomplished with the DadGear™ Satchel. The Satchel's carry strap, made from seat belt material, has outstanding strength for the abuse guys dish out to everything and its width helps distribute weight to make the bag feel very light, so there are no injured shoulders by the time you get home. A very unique feature of the Satchel is the quick access wipes window. Our test dads praised this special feature: "When other dads saw that I was carrying a diaper bag with the easy access wipes case, they would come up to me and ask how to find such a bag." The dads in our panel reported feeling really confident carrying this rugged diaper bag around and felt proud & confident to use it in a public setting! "Its easy to grab what you need and still not look like you are carrying a diaper bag".

DadGear's™ success is certainly not surprising. They have won several awards and we can see why! Their top quality functional diaper products are well designed and are truly empowering to men. These products encourage dads to play a greater role in raising their babies and we applaud them for their innovative products which certainly qualify as products that make our lives easier!

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Tim said...

Cool looking bag. Love the design.

Jake said...

Brilliant wipes dispenser. WOW

Matt said...

Finally, something for dads! Cool

Gina said...

Perfect for Father's Day. Now I just need to decide which of the designs my hubby will like!

John said...

Fantastic! Now I won't have to be seen with my wife's feminine diaper bag and we can both be happy.

Miri said...

The seat belt strap is a brilliant touch. My husband is going to be so excited when he unwraps this for Father's Day. The designs are awesome.

Liam said...

I hope to see a giveaway for Father's Day!

Chris said...

A bag that is self-standing. Awesome. Those Europeans are known for their designs.

Denny said...

As a youngish dad, I appreciate the cool and youthful designs to match my lifestyle. This is going on my list for Father's Day :-)

Tara said...

GUILTY! Of making my man hold my silk diaper bag and emasculating him. Now I am going to have to buy him this satchel as an apology!

Mark said...


AJ said...

The Euro design is great!