Diaper Dude Dad Survival Kit: The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Gone are the days when Dads stand idly by and watch as their spouses raise their baby. Today's modern dads are stepping up and taking an active role in caring for their baby. Given the fact that almost all of the parent products on the market today are geared towards moms, it's no wonder that Dads may be feeling left out! With Father's Day just around the corner, we have kept Dads in mind and have searched high and low for the coolest products for dad this Father's Day.

One thing is for certain; men don't want to schlep around feminine Diaper Bags, period! Sorry ladies but expecting your man to share your floral silk diaper bag is just out of the question. Dads want and deserve a bag just for themselves! Diaper Dude has come to the rescue! Diaper Dude was founded by Chris Pegula, a young, cool hip dad who grew tired of carrying around his diapering essentials in a gym bag and decided to take the initiate to create a line of masculine diaper bags designed with dads in mind.

Dads have their own unique sense of style, and seek out masculine, rugged products which are packed with features and which help to streamline their activities of daily living.

The Dad Survival Kit meets these all of these specifications and consists of a Diaper Dude Bag, a mini waist pouch aka the Mini Dude and a Bottle Holder. These three products are very well designed using high quality materials and components. Diaper Dude delivers and dads everywhere won't be disappointed.

Diaper Dude Bag

The Original Diaper Dude Bag is the sporty messenger bag which started the Diaper Dude phenomenon! Dads will be able to access the contents of their bag without ever having to take it off, which means both hands are free to care for their baby. The ergonomically designed strap adjusts easily for a custom fit. The Over-the-Shoulder design makes it easy to toss on and take off and is very comfortable as it stays in place on the shoulder while reaching for items or catching a wayward child. Attached to the strap is a cellphone pouch which is easy to access and won't leave you fumbling thorough your bag. Taking a closer look at the bag, working your way from front to back, the Diaper Dude Bag boasts 3 generously sized exterior zip-closed pockets which can be easily and quickly accessed and are ideal for storing diapers, wipes, bibs, food and other diapering essentials. The main compartment of the bag is lightly colored so there is no black hole effect. It can accommodate items for baby and dad (a change of clothing for baby, toys, a hat, snacks, additional diapers) and additionally houses the changing pad in its own sub compartment which is great for hygienic reasons. Also included is a key ring clip which will put an end to frantically searching through your bag to locate the car keys, and a bottle holder. The rear of the bag features two large elasticized pouches, which are great for storing a baby blanket, books and perhaps even a mini notebook computer. The rear of the bag (part against your body) is padded, offering even more comfort especially when filled with hard wooden toys, glass baby bottles and other items heavy and solid items. This is a solid bag, clearly designed with Dads in mind who need an easy to use, rugged bag that look like a guys equipment.

Mini Dude

The mini dude resembles a cool tool belt and is a great choice to grab when heading out on a short errand. It can hold a pack of wipes and two diapers. In addition, it can 2 bottles on either side of the main compartment which means that both dad and baby can stay well hydrated when on the go. Aside from wearing it around the waist, dads can also sling it messenger style. This innovative diaper waist pouch is a panel favorite!

Bottle Holder.

The bottle pouch measures 4 inches wide and 8 inches and clips on easily to the Diaper Dude Bag.
It is insulated to ensure that baby's bottle stays cool in the summer heat.

The Diaper Dude Dad Survival Kit will make a wonderful Father's Day Gift and will help dads not only survive fatherhood but thrive. For additional gift ideas, consider one of these eco-friendly products for the Earth Conscious Dads!

For expecting couples, consider registering with the Diaper Dude Gift Registry and you will be assured of receiving cool, practical and high quality products which will help make your transition into parenthood that much easier.

Earth Conscious dads will love the new eco-friendly line from Diaper Dude.

This and many other innovative Diaper Dude products can be purchased directly from the Diaper Dude online store or to locate a store near you, please click here.

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Tom said...

Very cool guys. This survival kit will be on my Father's Day Gift list

Mark said...

I think that I must have been hiding in a cave but I didn't know that Diapers Bags for Men even existed. Way COOL!

Kim said...

Fantastic Fathers Day Gift Ideas. My husband will be thrilled and relieved that he no longer has to carry around my floral diaper bag :-)

Kim said...

Fantastic Father's Day Gift Ideas. My husband will be thrilled and relieved that he no longer has to carry around my floral diaper bag :-)

Jason said...

The mini dude is a great idea for short trips.

Jim said...

Finally, solid colors for us conservative dads. The competitor to Diaper Dudes offers really funky designs best suited for super young dads! I like that Diaper Dads keeps the more conservative dads in mind with lots of options of solids.