Anka by Svan High Chair from Scandinavian Child

Brenda Berg, CEO and founder of Scandinavian Child:

"Scandinavian Child represents 7 brands from around the world. All of them fall within the Designs without Compromise Philosophy. Every product in the collection meets criteria for both functionality, safety and design.
You don't have to compromise style to have a great functioning product

Anka by Svan of Sweden.

The Anka by Svan of Sweden is the lower priced cousin to the Svan High Chair, yet is sturdy and full featured, offering great value in these tough economic times. It is JPMA/ASTM Safety Certified to give parents piece of mind. The Anka Chair arrives almost completely pre-assembled. Simply follow the directions in the manual and attach the 2 floor bases, the cushion and the wooden tray and you are all set. Each Anka by Svan High Chair comes with a plastic tray and a cushion included, for additional value.



The Anka Chair is a solidly constructed chair, designed with the modern parent in mind and features clean and simple lines. The chair is available in 3 finishes: Honey (cream cushion), Espresso (cream cushion) and Natural (with Chocolate Cushion) and will blend in beautifully with any kitchen and dining room decor. The Anka feature is made from solid wood which is smooth to the touch. The Anka Chair features a set of wooden bases which lends tremendous stability to the chair, particularly in the anterior posterior direction, where other high chairs fall flat.


The Anka High Chair features a 3 point restraint system which is easy to fasten and unfasten, to keep your baby/child securely in place. A child who is under 3 years of age must always be secured in the restraint system. The Anka High Chair features a metal brace which locks down to keep the legs of the chair open, much like a ladder.

Environmentally friendly:

The Anka High Chair is made with sustainable materials; solid Birch wood with a non-toxic finish. The cushions are PBDE-free, and are machine washable. The plastic tray is both BPA and Phthalate free and and is dishwasher safe. Keeping your Anka High Chair looking fresh and new has never been easier.


The Anka by Svan High Chair is completely convertible and converts easily from a high chair, to youth chair to a kid chair up to 5 yrs of age (remove the wooden guard). A high chair that grows with your child offers unbeatable value.


Like its cousin, the Svan High Chair, the Anka by High Chair offers many ergonomic features, which set it apart from other high chairs on the market. There are many advantages to purchasing a high chair which can grow with your baby, with good posture during eating being the main advantage. A baby/child who is well supported during eating will not have to waste energy on trying to maintain a good posture and can focus on the task of eating, which is what every parent wants! There are 3 main components of the Anka by Svan High Chair which are adjustable. The wooden guard on the Anka by Svan High Chair adjusts in 2 positions, depending on the age of your baby/child. This essentially adjusts the "depth of the seat" as your child grows. The wooden tray can lock into 3 different slots, depending on the size of your child. This feature, along with the adjustable wooden guard with ensure that your baby/child is positioned correctly for food to land mostly on the tray and not on his lap. A number of high end high chairs on the market are designed with a tray which is positioned very far from the child, with the food ending up in the child's lap! The footrest adjusts in 4 different positions, ensuring that your child's legs can be well supported during eating, providing him with stability.

Why is an Adjustable Footrest so imperative?

If you child's feet are being supported, he will be able to focus on the task of eating. If an adjustable footrest is not present or is inadequate, he will spend the majority of his energy trying to keep himself upright and will tire himself out. Would you be comfortable eating all of your meals while your legs are dangling?


The Anka by Svan High Chair Folds Compactly for storage and is great for those with limited space or for grandmas house. The wooden tray is removable and can be stored on the back of the chair which will allow you to pull the chair right up the dining room table.

Weight limit:

When your baby is able to sit upright independently and has good sitting balance, typically around 6 months of age, he is ready to start using the Anka Chair. The Chair can accommodate a weight limit of 5 years or up to 50 pounds.


The Anka by Svan High Chair is distributed exclusively by Scandinavian Child. To find a retailer, please click here.

To learn more about this product and other products from Scandinavian Child, please visit: www.scichild.com


Anonymous said...

Wonderful review!

Jasmine said...

Excellent pictures; they really help to illustrate all the features. I am sold!

Peter said...

I didn't realize the importance of a footrest. Most high chairs either omit them in the design or have tiny ones.

Renee said...

The "green" and "ergonomic" features are outstanding. We have been searching for some time now and this chair meets all of our requirements, and the price is just right. Thank you!

Kathy said...

The engineering looks really good and I like the stylish lines.

Jeff said...

I am very impressed with the design and eco-features. Scandinavian Child has awesome products!