Joovy Groove and Kooper 2009 - Mother's Day Picks

Joovy focuses on family gear with advanced performance and exceptional looks at a reasonable price. Joovy offers a line of strollers, playards, toys and accessories.

Today we are highlighting the Joovy Groove and the Joovy Kooper, our picks for Mother's Day Gifts.

Joovy Groove

The Groove is a great lightweight stroller weighing in at just 16 lbs and supports up to 55lbs. It is available in pink, green and blue which are great colors for summer. It boasts a large over sized canopy to shield your baby from the elements. The modern, clean lines and excellent maneuverability make it a great pick for taller moms.

Great Value
The Groove comes with an extra interchangeable canopy and seat (different color) which means that you can wash one set and have the spare set available to use. In a sense it is like having 2 strollers in one! In addition, moms will enjoy mixing and matching the canopy and seat to create a stylish, unique look! A hanging storage bag holds the extra set which will be readily available when need be. Also included is a rain cover and stroller bag which makes this purchase a terrific deal!

Special Features

The large oversized canopy (with extendable sun visor) is wonderful and is rarely seen on umbrella type strollers. The peek-a-boo window allows you to keep tabls on your baby. On the rear of the stroller, there is a compartment for 2 bottles and a zippered compartment for essentials.

The seat reclines via an impressive latch system which can be operated one handed; perfect for moms who are juggling parcels and baby! The 4 position seat reclines 20 degrees shy of flat.

The wheels and good suspension allow moms to navigate the stroller over smooth and some uneven terrain. You can lock the front wheels off for a smoother ride. The stroller turns on a dime and moms will love how easy the stroller negotiates tight spaces. The linked, one-step rear wheel parking brake is easy to operate.

The All-Season Reversible Seat Pad (black) will keep your baby comfortable regardless of the season. On one side is the nylon mesh to keep baby cool in warm weather and on the other is an insulating fleece which helps to maintain warmth in the cold weather.

Moms will stay hydrated with the built-in mesh bottle holders. Just below is a handy storage compartment for stashing essentials.

Stroll in style with the Joovy Groove. The Groove folds easily and boast not one but two carry straps. The lateral carry strap is easy to grab when lifting the stroller in and out of your car. On the top of the stroller is a fantastic thick strap, which you can hold and pull the stroller behind you like a piece of luggage which is ideal for travel.

Joovy Kooper

The stylish and eye-catching Kooper is a a cross between a euro-style buggy and a modern umbrella stroller and is great pick for urban mamas. The Kooper is best suited for moms who are on the shorter side (5"6 and below). The Kooper weighs in at approximately 17.9lbs and is able to support a child of up to 50lbs. It is available in yellow, green and black.

The features that we like:

Special Features

The ergonomically designed, foam covered handle bars are very well designed and make pushing the stroller an absolute dream! Don't underestimate the importance of ergonomic handle bars. The fixed height handle bars allow moms to maintain a neutral position at the wrist and avoid discomfort.

The large canopy will shield your baby from the elements and features a roll back peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your child.

The storage basket is easy to access and can fit a small to medium size diaper bag.

The seat reclines via a strap system and is easy to operate.

The Kooper operates best on smooth and even terrain and will appeal to modern urban mamas. The wheels detach easily for travel.

The linked, one-step rear wheel parking brake is a great feature.

The reflective stitching on the deluxe 5 point harness and the sides of the canopy are terrific safety features rarely seen on strollers. For moms who enjoy early morning or evening strolls, the reflective stitching adds an extra layer of protection in traffic.

The 2 mesh pockets situated on either side of the inside of the seat are perfect for storing your baby's toys or pacifiers. The elasticized pockets ensure that the contents stay snugly in place. We haven't seen this feature on any other stroller and really applaud the Joovy designed team on this thoughtful feature!

The Kooper Rain Cover

fits easily over the stroller and will protect your baby from downpours! It folds compactly into the storage bag which it is sold in.

The Kooper Travel Bag

will protect your stroller from dust and dirt and will come in handy during the travel season. The Kooper fit snugly in the travel bag which comes complete with clear directions.

The Kooper folds easily and compactly, in fact it is the only stroller to fit in the TINY trunk of the Success Through Play NGV vehicle, a truly remarkable achievement.

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Liz said...

Two great looking strollers. I really like the thoughtful features!

Jaime said...

The Kooper will be perfect for me as I am 5"4 and find that most deluxe umbrella strollers are just too tall. I love the mesh pockets for stashing toys. Cute!

Ted said...

WOW, great review.

John said...

The Natural Gas Vehicle Trunks are Tiny. I am really impressed that the Kooper fits!

Roger said...

WOW, awesome review.