The Sansa® Fuze™ from SanDisk® - The perfect Mother's Day Gift

The Sansa® Fuze™ is the perfect MP3 player for modern moms who are juggling their fair share of responsibilities. Moms in desperate need of "me time" can grab their Sansa® Fuze™ and escape for a few minutes by listening to their favorite tunes and de-stressing.

Moms-to-be who find themselves in doctors waiting rooms will turn to the Sansa® Fuze™ to keep them entertained with videos, pictures and music. There is even a voice recorder for taking notes. When the big day arrives, turn to the Fuze to keep you centered during labor with a pre-recorded playlist of hypnosis tracks or your favorite meditative and calming songs.

Ergo, lightweight, sturdy
The Sansa® Fuze™ is a sleek looking MP3 player and weighs in at just 2 oz. and measures approximately 3 inches by 2 inches and just over 1/4 inches thick. The device has an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold and feels solid to the touch.

The Sansa® Fuze™ is a portable entertainment center and used can view pictures, videos, and listen to music.

The stylish Sansa® Fuze™ is available in a silver, black, red, blue and pink so everyone can find their perfect shade. The unit is available in 3 different storage options: 2GB, 6GB and 8GB to suit your lifestyle. SanDisk® offers a full range of accessories to enhance your experience of using the Sansa® Fuze™.


The Sansa® Fuze™ is very easy to operate, even if you are not very tech savvy. The unit is controlled via a mechanical navigation wheel which you turn clockwise or anticlockwise and click up and down, left and right. The navigation wheel operates smoothly and effortlessly and is circled by a blue light making navigation in low light situations a breeze. Using the wheel to scroll through the options, you will find options for:




FM Radio



Transferring music to the unit is achieved by simply dropping and dragging music files. The unit comes subsciption ready (Rhapsody) so you can start downloading tunes instantly. The earbuds which are included with the unit deliver good sound quality, but you may wish to upgrade to a more sophisitated set if you frequently listen to music in noisy areas. That being said, our panel found the sound quality of the music files to be of a very good quality and we think that at this price point, users will be impressed.

The hold button on the side of the Sansa® Fuze™ is very useful if you want to toss the Fuze into your handbag.

Special Features

The 1.9 inch screen is sufficient for viewing your options, watching music videos and podcasts and viewing pictures.

The microSD/microSDHC slot really distinguishes the Fuze, opening up the doorway for additional content expansion.

The unit delivers up to 24 hours for audio playback and 5 hours of video playback with internal rechargeable battery. A USB charger is included with the unit, however for travel purposes, consider purchasing a outlet charger.

The Digital FM radio audio with the 40 preset stations is a great feature and our panel found the audio to be crystal clear and had no difficult picking up stations.

The voice recorder with built-in microphone is a nice touch and will allow the user to keep an audio memo. The voice playback is fantastic and now users won't have to fret if they leave their pen and notepad at home.

The Sansa® Fuze™ will make a terrific gift for the special Mother in your life.

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Teresa said...

Very cool. The pictures you posted are awesome and really highlight the great screen quality

Steve said...

The micro SD option really is a big seller for me. I will be putting it on my Father's Day list :-)

Rachel said...

I am preparing for labor by listening to hypnosis for childbirth tracks however they are on CD. This MP3 player would be ideal as I could burn them to MP3 files.

Maria said...

Stylish and I love all the features.

Anonymous said...

Impressive and the price is just right.