The 2009 Bumbleride Flyer - The most ergonomic stroller on the market.

Bumbleride Inc. was launched in San Diego, California in 2004 by a husband and wife team, Matthew and Emily Reichardt, who were less than impressed by the stroller market at the time. Through design and research, they developed Bumbleride, a brand inspired by the current young and modern family. Bumbleride's collection of strollers is playful, responsive and fun.

"We are reshaping baby mobility in a way to flow seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. Our design inspiration comes from you: the young and modern family. We strive to create products that are urban, stylish and functional while remaining sound and durable. Our collection is versatile and multi-faceted and includes a variety of features, vibrant colors and clever accessories."

Bumbleride is an eco-minded company, sponsoring recycling programs and offering employee carpooling incentives. Bumbleride strollers are innovative, ergonomic, stylish, colorful and fun, keeping modern parents in mind. Bumbleride strollers have won several awards, and just recently, Indie and Indie Twin won the iParenting award and the Indie Twin also won NAPPA honors award.

Today, we are focusing on the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer, a well made, ergonomic stroller which will take you from the newborn years, through the toddler years and well beyond.

2009 Flyer Standard Accessories:

*Rain cover
*Bumper Bar
*Infant headrest
*Infant Car Seat Adapter and Safety Belt
*Cup Holder
*Headrest and Shoulder Pads

2009 Flyer Optional Accessories:

*Footmuff & liner
*Jam Pack

New for 2009

*One push release safety harness
*New sporty wheels
*Responsive steering
*Slimmer design

The 2009 Bumbleride Flyer


The innovative flyer is the most ergonomic stroller on the market, allowing parents to adjust the stroller so that both parent and baby are strolling in optimum comfort to support good posture. Parents will really appreciate the fully adjustable handlebars, which will accommodate parents of different heights. The stroller can be used from birth, as it is one of the few strollers on the market that can be transformed into an "infant bed" by adjusting the seat back to the lowest position and raising the footrest. The backrest has 3 different positions to accommodate your baby/child as they grow in length. As your baby grows and develops posture control and strength, you simply adjust the settings on the Flyer to allow baby to stroll in a more upright position. This stroller is one of the few on the market that will take you from infancy, through the toddler years and beyond, making it worthwhile purchase.


The ERGONOMIC, fully height adjustable handle bars on the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer are truly exceptional...certainly one of the best that we have seen in the industry!

Why is a fully height adjustable handle so imperative?

Quite simply, if you are not maintaining a good posture when you are pushing a stroller, you may very well find yourself developing back and shoulder pain. Glance in the mirror when you are pushing your stroller and note if your shoulders are relaxed in a neutral position, vs hunched. How does your body feel after you have been pushing the stroller? With many adjustment height settings, you are assured that you will find the ideal height for each member of the family. The padded handle bars of the flyer are comfy to grip. If you suffer from any wrist problems, (carpal tunnel, etc) you can easily find a neutral position for your wrist, which you will find invaluable. This neutral position allows you to steer the stroller as you would hold a steering wheel. The added advantage of having many height options will soon become apparent when you need tight maneuverability in crowded places or grocery stores. A quality stroller with reversible handle bars is very hard to find in this price range and this feature alone, makes the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer an outstanding buy.

Why are reversible handles so useful?

Well both parents and baby will agree that being able to see each other is reassuring for both and is especially useful to first time parents, babies who are being transitioned from carriers, fussy babies or babies who are experiencing separation anxiety.

The dual ratcheting canopy is a feature that Bumbleride is known for. The canopy can be pulled down to the level of the bumper bar, providing your baby with full protection from the elements as well as sensory overload (e.g busy grocery store). The canopy has a peek-a-boo window which will allow you to keep an eye on your child. The rear of the canopy features a pocket for light essentials. The rear of the canopy can unzip to allow air to circulate more effeciently in warmer conditions.

The well padded seat features a head rest for babies, and new for 2009, a one push release, 5 point padded safety harness system. The backrest adjusts with a swift, one handed maneuver to 4 different positions, ranging from nearly flat to upright, so that you can customize the seat include to your child's age, size, postural ability and mood.

New for 2009, the Flyer features newly designed wheels with a sporty look. The improved responsive steering allows your to navigate tight corners with greater ease and the front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride.

Bumper Bar
The bumper bar comes standard with the 2009 Flyer and offers additional protection for your child. It is easily removable and the location where it attaches to the frame is the some location where the carry cot and jam pack attach, allow your customize your stroller as your child grows.

Storage Basket
The large storage basket can hold a medium to large diaper bag with ease and best of all, can be accessed even with the seat fully reclined. Now that is great engineering.

Opening and closing the 2009 Flyer is surprisingly simple and easy to do with its one step fold. The Flyer weighs in at 19 pounds. For additional information, please see the demo.

Road Test
The 2009 Flyer handles itself very well in a variety of situations, whether in the mall, grocery shopping, or strolling to the park. The front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. Bumbleride recommends that you lock the wheels closest to you, for smoother more responsive steering and we found this advice to be very accurate.

Optional Accessories:

The Carrycot

The carrycot is easy to assemble and snaps into the same slot that the bumper bar connects to. The study carrycot has a thin, firm mattress for baby's comfort and safety. The carrycot has 2 sturdy straps which allow you to safely lift the canopy from the stroller. The carrycot comes standard with the Bumbleride Footmuff (and seat liner to be used later with the stroller minus the carrycot), to help protect baby from the cooler weather. The carry cot is also compatible with the Bumbleride Indie, and Twin Indie.

Footmuff and Liner
The footmuff and liner are wonderful for the cooler season, and will keep baby snug and warm during outdoor walks. The liner sits on top of the stroller seat and then the footmuff zips onto it. There is a small zippered pocket on the outside of the footmuff, perfect for storing small items including keys, cash or a cell phone. The footmuff and liner are compatible with the Bumbleride India and twin Indie. The footmuff and seat liner can also be purchased separately.

The Jam Pack
is the only bag on the market that we know of that is designed to be used by both parents and children!

The PVC-free Jam Pack's unisex design makes it suitable for moms or dads and its small size makes it ideal to grab when running a quick errand. A quick access zippered pocket on the front can hold a few diapers. There are 2 pockets for holding bottles on either side of the bag, to ensure that both you and your child are always kept well hydrated. The interior of the bag is lightly colored so there is no black hold effect. An elasticized mesh ouch can hold wipes and extra diapers. The remaining interior can hold a few baby essentials such as bibs, toys and a change of clothing for baby.A well made zipper and a magnetic closure ensure that all your contents stay safely in place.

There are 3 slim pockets on the back of the bag to hold items such as mini hand sanitizer, an energy bar, mp3 player, cell phone etc which are within easy reach.

By simply re-threading the strap, the Jam Pack can convert into a back pack for kids. The Jam Pack doubles as a back pack for your child and can fit his lunch, hat, sunblock, water and even his homework. This hybrid bag comes highly recommended.

Snack Pack

Our panel was really impressed with the snack pack is a zipper pouch which can hold a juice or yogurt and some snacks for both baby and parent. The snack pack will prove to be very handy during long outdoor walks, and especially during the summer when staying hydrated is a must.

Purchasing information:

2009 model is available in the following 5 colors: Lava, Ruby, Seagrass, Spice, and Vita.

Retail store or direct from the bumbleride online store

For more information, please visit


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