Logitech WebCam® Pro 9000 - The only webcam that you will ever need

Is dad away on a business trip but still wants to read bedtime stories to the kids? Do the grandparents long to see their grandchildren on a regular basis but live across the country or overseas? Well today these desires have become commonplace and the webcam has become as indispensable as the hairdryer.

Unfortunately the reality of most webcams is that you can't even recognize anyone! This is definitely not the case with the WebCam® Pro 9000 from Logitech. Logitech rightly decided that they really do care about quality and that the optics are the key to a really great webcam. By selecting high quality Carl Zeiss optics, known for making professional microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses and more, Logitech has combined outstanding optics with a high resolution image sensor. So why are these important? The cheap webcams, even those built into a laptop, are typically plastic which yellow overtime, but more importantly are small in diameter, causing the lens to create significant distortion. Do your kids look like they are living in a fish tank when you see them on the webcam? Then you know what we mean. The Logitech WebCam® Pro 9000 does not do this. Most webcams are Fixed Focus, meaning they really don't focus properly. The WebCam® Pro 9000 has and Autofocus feature built in to give clear, sharp pictures that are always in focus, and with the RightLight 2 technology, the brightness level is automatically controlled. The images are crisp and clear without distortion, the colors come through vibrantly and without chromatic distortion (that funny rainbow effect you see around the edges of white objects). The high 2 megapixel image sensors resolution is great for more than just Skype. With up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, the optics are good enough that we have used them as a quick replacement for a scanner when in a crunch and the images came out acceptably well for faxing signed letters and more. One perfect application for the WebCam® Pro 9000 is making your own YouTube videos and recording your own vlogs. The Logitech® Video Effects™ is a nice bonus and will liven up any conversation and is sure to evoke lots of laughs with the kids. With the Universal Monitor Clip, we found a nearly infinite ways to position the Logitech WebCam® Pro 9000 from on the edge of our laptop screen, to a full sized LCD monitor, to the desktop, and even hanging from a shelf. With the built in microphone, one can record the children practicing for the kindergarten play with full sound right at home as well as keeping dad up-to-date on the latest adventures of the day when he is far from home.

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Carolyn said...

I LOVE YouTube and was searching for a quick and easy way to record my vlogs. This sounds like it. Thank you!

Rebecca said...

Definitely understand the "fish tank" comment. LOL!

Anna said...

As a grandparent, this will be invaluable and it seems easy to use. Wonderful.

heidi183 said...

We have this camera and it works great! My husband travels and this way my daughter can "see" him every night. The bonus is that it is very easy to set up!