Magellan's Summer Travel Special

Magellan’s was founded by two travel professionals to provide a single source of unique and useful travel products, supported by well trained travel gear specialists, and backed by a complete 100% guarantee of satisfaction. While working for Pan Am Airways, John and Gloria McManus traveled extensively around the world and were frustrated by the inadequate supply of travel products available to consumers. In 1989 they created Magellan’s catalog, starting with a 32 page black and white catalog of hard-to-find travel products. John’s no-nonsense, detailed descriptions of each item made it clear how each addressed a travel problem, from overseas electrical adaptors to third world health and hygiene. Their mission is to make your travel more comfortable, safe, and rewarding. The Magellans website is well designed and packed with terrific travel articles.

Here are our top picks for the Summer Travel Season from Magellans. Be sure to enter the reader giveaway!

Arm Pocket (Giveaway item)
Now here is something not only unique but really useful, on holiday or even while you are out for a jog. The Arm Pocket from Magellans lets you keep your money, even your room key, in a place even the best pick-pocket might not think of; up your sleeve. The stretchy, sturdy material is very comfortable and the two pockets are great for storing large and small bills separately, an ID card, ATM card , keeping your room key and more. Travel aside, the arm wallet is useful on short errands when you need to stash some small notes for a bottle of water and your house key while on a short walk and your key when out and about.

The TourSafe™ Large Security Handbag
from Magellans is a stylish, lightweight and well designed handbag measuring 16½ x 9½ x 3¾". The bag boasts anti-theft technology, and is slashproof, snatchproof and tamperproof. The adjustable shoulder strap is very comfortable and you can securely sling the bag over your body messenger style for extra security. The inside of the bag (we received the taupe color) is lightly colored so there is no black hold effect. The interior of the bag is very well designed, with compartments for storing your cell phone, wallet and even slots for stashing your credit cards and pens. A large zippered padded pocket on the rear will keep precious items well protected. This bag will look terrific with any outfit!

The TourSafe™ Security Wallet is the perfect compliment to the TourSafe™ Bag.
It measures 7¾ x 4¼ x ¾"; and comes complete with a 17" long chain which attaches to your TourSafe™ Bag for complete protection. Now you will no longer fear having to whip out your wallet in a crowded area. The wallet is very spacious inside, expanding to accommodate notes, coins, credit cards and even your passport.

Special offer: Save 50%
Buy the large Toursafe Handbag or Backpack/Sling and you can purchase the matching Toursafe Security wallet for half price. Great deal!

The versatile Daily Bag measures 8" x 7" x 3" and can be worn across your body, over your shoulder or as a waist pack. It boasts high quality hardware for security and a rugged stain and water resistant nylon fabric to ensure that it remains looking clean and fresh throughout your travels. The spacious interior is lightly colored (we received this item in nutmeg) and will hold snacks, a lightweight foldable hat, camera and other essentials. There are several zippered compartments, some hidden, to keep your passport, map, and even your compact GPS safely stored. We love the front flap with quick access magnetic closure for storing a cell phone or other essential item.

Kleen Kanteen bottle (Giveaway item)
Replace your toxic plastic water bottle with a re-usable, non-toxic stainless steel bottle. Kleen Kanteen is the stylish eco-friendly replacement to plastic bottles and is made from food grade 18/8 stainless steel. Weighing in at only 7oz, the lightweight bottle holds 27 ounces is available in 5 solid colors, to brighten up your day. The polyprop cap has a loop for attaching to a backpack. The bottle is ergonomic and easy to grip.The benefits of switching to a Kleen Kanteen stainless steel bottle are endless. Stainless steel is a safe eco-alternative to #1 plastic and you won't be exposing your body to unwanted chemicals and compounds in the plastic. In addition, you won't have to waste hard earned money buying bottled water which ends up clogging up our landfill.

Combination Converter and Adaptor Plugs (Giveaway)
When traveling overseas, you want to bring just one power converter, but the requirements for energy and performance vary depending on the appliance being used. A Hair Dryer (up to 2000 watts) typically needs a very different kind of power converter (a solid state converter) than a cell phone charger (under 50 watts) which works by using a transformer. This converter is unique, it can do it all because of its built in auto switching ability. Four commonly used adaptor plugs are provided.

The Dual Voltage Steamer with adaptor plugs is a must for traveling, on business or vacation. Everyone wants to have neat and presentable clothes when they arrive but bringing your home iron is just not possible; its just too big and bulky and it does not work well on international power. Using the hotels iron and ironing board is not only inconvenient due to the lack of space to setup the ironing board but how many times have you ruined a nice new white shirt by scorching it with a cheap iron or getting some unknown sticky substance seared into your nice new blouse? The Dual Voltage Steamer takes care of it all, just hang up your clothes on a hanger, fill with water, plug it in and steam out those wrinkles the way professional laundry services do. You will be looking great in no time with much less effort. Four commonly used adaptor plugs are provided.

Travel Smart All-in-One Adapter:
Finally one device to connect nearly any international outlet to any other plug! Instead of having a bag full of mechanical conversion plugs for your globetrotting, bring the All-in-One Adapter along. Select the right setting, slide open the right pins for the outlet in your current hotel room, and plug in your universal notebook power supply, cell phone charge, and much more. Even bring home universal power foreign products and use them back in the States. While it does not convert the voltage, it certainly solves a great many problems in finding the right mechanical converter you will need and you wont have to go looking for that single plug converter you had on your last trip.


Courtesy of Magellans, one lucky reader will win the following prize:

*The Arm Pocket (Tan)
*Kleen Kanteen bottle (Blue)
*Combination Converter and Adaptor Plugs

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Natalie said...

Great product review! I love the idea of the arm wallet. Brilliant.

Mia said...

The bags are very cute! Usually bags in this category are ugly, but not these!