The Willow Store: High Quality, Eco Reusable Cloth Products

The Willow Store was founded in 2005 by Catherine Bolden, mom and entrepreneur. Through Catherine's work as a birth and postpartum doula and her love of the earth, she developed a range of reusable, eco cloth products for the entire family.

"The Earth is not disposable—and we need to treat her with the respect that she deserves, with reusable products that are sustainable for the environment and our economy. Reusables are our future, and we are passionate about making a difference, for our children, and for the Earth."

The range includes Willow Pads, Everyday Willow, Willow Sprouts and Sprout Change. The products are made proudly in the USA, by work at home moms. We applaud the Willow Store for supporting stay at home moms and for keeping their production local.

Why consider purchasing reusable Cloth Products?

It is no secret that our landfills are overflowing with waste, much of which is non-biodegradable and may remain there permanently. Disposable baby products (diapers, baby wipes, nursing pads etc) are widely marketed to parents. Many parents aren't aware that there is another option - the cloth option. Cloth Products will replace disposable products, helping to reduce the impact on our landfills, preserving the earth for future generations. Environmental reasons aside, by choosing Organic Cloth Options, you will be avoiding exposing your little one to toxic chemicals used in disposable baby products. Financially, you will be saving money by purchasing reusable cloth products which can be pasted down with each child. Last but not least is the comfort factor. Babys' skin are sensitive and organic cloth fabrics feel heavenly against their skin and are far more comfortable than disposable products. Why not give cloth a try?

Today we will be reviewing the following items from the Willow Sprouts Line.

Organic Nursing Pads, Organic Cloth Wipes and Organic Hemp Burp Cloths.

What is immediately apparent is the quality of the fabric and the stitching of the Willow Store's Organic Cloth Products. Each item has been carefully cut and expertly sewn, something which you will not find with mass factory produced items in China. The Organic Cloth products wash easily and are very durable, making them an excellent investment. When it is time to upgrade or purchase a new washing machine, consider one which is rated Energy Efficient as well as one that uses less water, to reduce your environmental impact. By selecting biodegradable and non-toxic detergents, you can select to set up a gray -water-system to redirect the water into the garden, thereby saving water.

The plush nursing pads are available in a choice of Organic Hemp Fleece and Organic Cotton. The Organic Cotton Nursing Pads are available in natural or black for darker clothing. They feel soft and comfy against the skin and are a nursing moms best friend. They are very absorbent and you will feel confident running errands knowing that you are protected and at the same time, using chemical free fabrics against your skin.

The Organic Cloth Wipes are fabulous and are available in 3 options. They are so versatile and will be the first thing that you reach for when you need to clean something up. The Super Wipes (Hemp/cotton blend) are absorbent and are double sided: the plush side is perfect for washing your baby's gentle skin and the terry side will take care of the spills and diaper changes with ease. An essential purchase!

The Organic Hemp Burp Cloths are our top pick! There is nothing that comes close to them on the market. The super soft, hemp/cotton fleece is very absorbent and ideal for soaking up babys' spit-ups! Burp cloths can quickly become a breading ground for bacteria, but the hemp/cotton combo offers protection, as hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and breathable. In addition, hemp is easier on the environment than cotton, returning nitrogen back to the soil and restoring the soil's fertility.

With all the benefits of reusable cloth products, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including helping to preserve our Mother Earth

These reusable products and others in the line can be purchased directly from the Willow Store or from a retailer near you.


Belinda said...

Reusable cloth products are the way to go. It is nice to learn about organic cloth products on the market. I will be checking out the Willow Store. Thank you!

Cara said...

I am a huge an of the Willow Pads and now that I am pregnant with my first baby, I will be trying out the cloth products for babies. I am really pleased that the product line has grown this much and I am not surprised re: the success!

Lana said...

These days, everything is mass produced in China. As a stay at home mom myself, I am motivated to support this company and wish more companies would made their products in the USA. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

We have been thinking about switching to cloth but didn't know where to begin. This article has motivated me to take the step. Thanks!

Jen said...

Great selection of products. I am also a huge Willow Pads Fan and trust the Willow Store's product. They are top quality and last forever.

Anonymous said...

Hemp fabric has very interesting properties and sounds ideal for baby products.

Lauren May said...

I was a huge disposable person until really doing my research and realizing that I could literally cut down on a substantial amount of waste by using re-usable products. Nice to learn about other companies, especially as we are expecting our first.

Lena said...

The Sprout Change line looks great. Hoping that you will be doing a detailed review of it!