BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance Organic

Björn Jakobson founded BabyBjörn AB in 1961, in Bergshamra, Sweden. Today, you will find BabyBjörn in around 40 countries all over the world. Their headquarters remain in Sweden, and they are still a family company. BabyBjörn has recently launched their organic line of products which are made from organically grown cotton. We applaud them for their continue commitment towards safe products and the protection of the environment.

Transitioning from Womb to World can be an uncertain and fussy period for a newborn. Movement can play an integral roll in calming a fussing baby. This is where a bouncer can come in handy. In fact, experienced moms rate a bouncer as being an essential item that they could not have lived without during the first few months of their baby's life. Introducing the BabyBjörn babysitter balance, a swedish designed bouncer that was developed in close collaboration with pediatricians and the result of almost 50 years of product development. The BabyBjörn babysitter balance is now available in a soft organic cotton fabric . You can feel confident that baby is resting on a fabric which is non-toxic and safe.

The genius of the babysitter's design is in its simplicity. You won't find bright flashing lights, loud musical sounds and a vibration mechanism which can so easily overwhelm your baby's sensory system, driving him into overload. Instead, you will find the simple, clean lines that are synonymous with the Swedish design that Babybjorn is known for.

The babysitter is suitable for babies 8-29 pounds. There are 3 positions for baby: play rest and sleep. Use the restraint system for younger babies. Toddlers can use the babysitter as a comfy chair; simple remove the restraint system and adjust the seat to the upright position. Toddlers will develop a sense of independence by getting in and out of the chair on their own. The babysitter growns with your baby from newborn through toddler phase, making it a great investment. The 4th position allows the sitter to fold flat for transport and storage. Adjusting positions is quick and easy thanks to the quality engineering and design. It is lightweight and portable, yet stable.

No batteries are required for this babysitter! This babysitter is baby powered. When your baby kicks or bounces, the sitters gentle moves, helping to soothe and calm your baby. In addition, the babysitter will allow your baby to develop cause and effect associations, develop gross motor skills and coordination. What is unique about the babysitter. which has won the approval of many health care professionals, is that it actually stops moving once baby falls asleep, helping him to develop good sleeping habits. In addition, it is designed to support good spinal alignment and supports the head well.

The organic cotton fabric is fully removable for washing and completely reversible for stylish versatility. Accessories include a wooden toy bar for fun playtime and fine motor coordination development and a versatile cozy cover which will keep baby snug after bath times and will also protect the babysitter and preserve the life of the babysitter fabric.

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Jackie said...

I found this article most interesting. It seems that there are so many factors to take into consideration when buying a product. Nearly 50 years of product development and collab with pediatricians! I am sold. The organic cotton fabric is terrific.

Anonymous said...

This looks great! I will be adding this to my gift registry :-)

Marcy said...

This bouncer looks vastly superior to the one I had for my 1st baby. I can honestly say that a bouncer is a great item to have on hand. There are times when I wanted to watch my baby and have him close to me while performing errands that wouldn't be safe to be wearing him. The bouncer was the perfect item to reach for. We are expecting our 2nd now and I am looking for something simple that will not be overstimulating. This looks great!

Jen Turner said...

OMG, we have this bouncer and it is AMAZING. our baby loves it. So awesome that it is available in an organic cotton fabric. I love how they are expanding into other products. Top quality Swedish Design. I heart Euro Products.