Enell Lite Sports Bra - Performance Apparel for Well Endowed Women

Exercising is wonderful for the body, mind and soul. In order to reap the full benefits of exercise, appropriate gear is needed: shoes, underwear and workout clothing. For women who are well endowed, finding a suitable sports bra can often prove to be very challenging and frustrating. Wearing the incorrect bra during exercise may increase your risk of developing neck, shoulder and back discomfort. In addition, since breasts are made of fat, glands and connective tissue, with no muscle, wearing a supportive bra is essential to prevent tissue injury.

Enell was founded by Renelle Braaten, an avid volleyball player, who was frustrated with the lack of suitable sports bras on the market. Renelle resorted to doubling up and wearing two bras, which still didn't do the trick, leaving her with achy shoulders and the "breast bounce" during sporting activities. Renelle took matters into her own hands and with the assistance of her mother, who is a talented seamstress, she created The Enell Sports Bran, an innovative sports bra for women who are well endowed. Enell Bras are designed for superior support and comfort.

Enell currently offers 2 styles:

Enell Sport: For running and high impact sports.

Enell Lite:
For low to medium impact activities

We will be highlighting the Enell Lite Sports Bra today.

What makes the Enell Lite Sports Bra so special?

The unique power mesh design provides a unique blend of encapsulation and compression for a more flattering shape, while helping to reduce the dread "breast bounce' during low to medium impact activities.

The wide, non stretch straps, help to evenly distribute the weight of the breasts, minimizing breast bounce, shoulder fatigue and discomfort.

The fuller back and unique cross-straps at the rear of the bra help to support an upright posture, which will go a long way in preventing, neck, shoulder and back discomfort during exercises.

The fabric is treated with NATUREXX, which transfers moisture away from the body, keeping you more comfortable while you are exercising.


Enell will donate 10% of the sales of the HOPE Pink Enell Sports Bra and the HOPE Pink Enell Lite bra to FORCE, an organization which is dedicated towards improving the lives of those affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

User Experience:

"The Enell Lite Sports Bra has now become an essential component of my workout gear. There is a learning curve to putting on the bra correctly and getting used to the snug fit. You will need to put each arm through the openings like you would put on a jacket. In order to fasten the bra, you start from the bottom and work your way up, adjusting yourself as you go. The workmanship is top notch and I have full confidence that this bra will last a long time. At first, the bra felt very snug and I was concerned that I had ordered the incorrect size bra - I hadn't. I headed outdoors on my daily walk and the first thing that I noticed was how my posture had immediately improved and I felt taller and lighter as my bust was correctly supported. I hadn't felt this level of support before and it really empowered me to walk taller and prouder! After the 3rd day of exercising using the bra, I noticed that the bra had become comfortable as I had adjusted to this new level of support. Bottom up using hook fasteners." See video for instructions.


Fitting and measuring info is available here.

The Enell Lite Sports Bra is available in a range of sizes and three colors: White, Black and Pink. Custom sizes are also available. Please click here to learn more.

Buy directly from Enell or from an online retailer in your area.

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Congratulations to Phillipa M.

For more information, please visit the Enell Website.

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Anonymous said...

This sports bra looks really well made and supportive. Finally someone has heard the big chested gals and understand that we also workout :)