dearjohnnies®: special gowns for special deliveries

The inspiration behind dearjohnnies:

Rachel Zinny, Founder, President and Mom, dearjohnnies®

"The idea came to me before the birth of my first daughter, Cece. My husband and I planned to take photos right after the birth to share with family and friends, but I realized that a prominent feature in the photos would be the generic, unattractive pattern of a hospital gown. When my second daughter Lucy was on the way, I decided to turn my idea into action. I wanted something fashionable AND functional to wear in the hospital. I wanted it to fit better than the one-size fits all hospital model, look great in photos, cover my backside and be mine - not used by hundreds of patients before me. I designed and wore my first two gowns and shortly after dearjohnnies® was "born"

Having a baby is an extraordinary experience and we believe women deserve to wear something better than an ordinary hospital gown. Giving birth is an amazing and joyful event and our products help women celebrate that -by eliminating the feeling of wearing an institutionalized gown for "sick" patients. We help women look good and feel good by giving them a better option - something that's beautiful and their own!"


Designed with your comfort in mind, dearjohnnies® can be worn during labor, in the days following your recovery and at home during the weeks to follow. Hospital staff will appreciate that you're still wearing a hospital gown. And you'll appreciate the soft fabric and loose fitting design as your body takes on the challenge of childbirth and then mends.

We currently offer two collections:

*Our Wellesley Collection of couture gowns, matching robes and swaddle blankets features five prints in traditional pinks, greens and blues.

*Our Limited Edition Collection prints are a little bolder for the trendier mom-to-be.

Each gown has snap-down sleeves for breastfeeding and ease of access for medical attention. Also, each gown has snaps that close down the back to keep you covered from behind. Gowns are made of whimsical 100% cotton prints, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. Our robes and swaddle blankets are made of cozy, yet lightweight, 100% cotton flannel and are trimmed with fabric from our Wellesley Collection.


*dearjohnnies® products are currently available in about 30 retailers across the U.S. A complete listing can be found here.

*Additionally, you can shop direct from the dearjohnnies® online store.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Research has shown that the birthing process goes along more smoothly and labor time is reduced when mom feels confident and at ease. dearjohnnies® gowns are hospital compliant which will please the labor and delivery staff! They are well designed with your comfort in mind. From snaps that close down the back to keep your tush concealed to snap down sleeves for easy breastfeeding and ease of access for medical attention. Did we mention that the gowns come in gorgeous feminine prints, that will make you feel pretty, even during labor! Rachel has paid attention to detail which is evident by the ribbon ties on the back, which add a feminine touch.

Rachel mentions that "most moms like to have two gowns – one for labor and delivery and one to wear the following day or two." We would also recommend the coordinating robes which are super comfy and pull your hospital look together, ideal when family and friends stop by and of course, will photograph beautifully! They are lightweight and provide just the right amount of warmth for moms whose thermostats are adjusting postpartum.

Celebs including Mariska Hargitay have worn dearjohnnies® during the birth of their baby. Mariska received the Ellie gown and wore it during son August’s birth.

Looking deeper, dearjohnnies® designer hospital gowns can truly empower a woman; particularly during one of the most vulnerable times in her life: labor and delivery. Despite the fact that the majority of women in the USA have low risk, healthy pregnancies, labor and delivery in the USA is treated like a medical/surgical event once you are admitted to the hospital. Common protocols include being hooked up to an IV, fetal monitoring equipment and yes, being confined to a bed where the women will eventually give birth. Should low risk women in the labor and delivery ward be treated the same as patients undergoing surgery???? Is pregnancy an illness? For the majority of healthy, low risk women, we say: NO! dearjohnnies® will make a woman feel like an individual who is preparing to welcome in a baby and not an "ill patient". It has the potential to make a woman feel incredibly special and unique and remind her of the reason why she is in the hospital!

In creating the dearjohnnies® line, Rachel Zinny is sending out a powerful and important message, "I am having a baby. I am healthy. I am not a sick patient and I can choose to wear something beautiful and special for this wonderful life event."

We distributed 2 dearjohnnies® gowns (Mimi & Ellie) and a robe (Ellie), courtesy of dearjohnnies® to a mom, Mandy, who was about to welcome her 2nd baby. Mandy tearfully shared her first birth experience with us and was clearly emotional when recalling the details. Mandy admitted that she was young, naive and not very informed. She was fortunate enough to have excellent health coverage and had a number of hospitals to select from when deciding where to give birth, yet she didn't take the time to investigate each one - to find out what common procedures were etc. Mandy's first pregnancy was low risk. Once she went into labor, she was admitted to the hospital and was given a routine hospital gown!

"The gown was enormous, probably designed for a football player, plus my rear end was exposed to the world. I couldn't help but wonder how many other people had worn this gown! How on earth could I be comfortable in this."

This was just the beginning for Mandy, as she was hooked up to an IV, fetal monitoring etc and wasn't permitted to move around, in fact she was surprised that she was confined to a bed. Mandy wanted a natural birth, however, did not have doula to advocate for her during this vulnerable period and ended up being persuaded by doctors to have procedure after procedure. Mandy had a healthy first born but was angry because she felt so little control during the birth process and her wishes weren't honored.

With the 2nd pregnancy, Mandy decided to take control and investigated all of her options fully. She was delighted to find out that she could birth at a Baby Friendly Hospital, which was fully accredited. She was off to a great start. Mandy chose to receive care with a midwife throughout her pregnancy, as she was low risk. She was really impressed with the high level of care and personal attention that she received, as opposed to the rushed appointments with her obgyn during her 1st pregnancy. Mandy discussed her wishes to have a natural and ACTIVE birth this time, and the midwifery team fully supported her wishes. Mandy hired a doula to provide emotional support and be her best advocate. Mandy's doula had helped her to prepare a birth plan, which outlined Mandy's wishes for an active birth. Mandy's labor began and once her contractions were well established, she headed off to the hospital. Mandy changed into her dearjohnnies® gown and told us:

"I felt so special changing into my dearjohnnies gown. I had washed it 3 times prior to wearing as per the instructions and it was beautiful, soft and most of all comfortable to wear. Even my husband thought that it was a cute! The beautiful colorful print boosted my self confidence! I was able to move around freely and have an active labor and birth! My doula was a fantastic support person and I would recommend that everyone hire one!

After the birth, I changed into the robe and the coordinating gown. Nursing was super easy with the side snaps on the gown. I really like the matching robe for an additional layer which has built in pockets for comfort. I am still wearing this robe today! I felt very presentable when visitors arrived and received many compliments on my dearjohnnies gown and robe which meant to much to me. dearjohnnies was a very special part of my birthing experience and helped to make it so very special. I was reminded that I was a strong, healthy woman about to give birth and not a passive, sick patient in a hospital! I had the opportunity to reclaim my birthing experience and I want to thank dearjohnnies for being a big part of this."

dearjohnnies® gowns and robes will make a truly special gift for the mom-to-be! Gowns, robes and Blankets can be monogrammed for a small additional fee, which will add a personal touch.

Also available are Mix and Match Delivery Sets.

Great Gift Idea! Create the perfect delivery set with a gown and robe for mom and a swaddle blanket for baby. Choose the same pattern for each to create a matched set or mix it up for moreof a coordinated look. The Wellesley Collection pieces complement each other so they group easily. Choose the Lucy gown and robe for the mom who loves pink, but get the Ellie blanket if she's having a boy! Or mix a Lexie gown and Cece robe with a Finlay blanket if the baby's gender is a surprise. Any combination works well. Treat yourself to a set and deliver in style or treat another mom-to-be with this fabulous gift and be the hit of her baby shower!

To learn more about any of the products featured in this article and to view the full collection from dearjohnnies®, please visit


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I never thought that I would say this about a hospital gown, but these are gorgeous! fantastic concept!

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What a fantastic gift idea. Moms deserve to welcome their baby in style! Wish this was available when I was pregnant with my first!

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