Giveaway: Moboleez™-Modern Bonnets for Breastfeeding Babes

Diane Sam, shared with us the inspiration behind the creation of the Moboleez™.

How it all Started..
It was a hot summer day. I was sitting on a park bench, watching my toddler on the swings, and latching on my little baby to nurse. I looked around for something to cover his little head (and my partially exposed breast), and grabbed the nearest thing I could find - his older brother's floppy sun hat.

"That did the trick!" I thought, as we settled back to nurse. Hmm.. but slowly an idea began to form. Not only did it look cute, it covered me in a fun sort of way. And it stayed on without fuss.
and that is the story of Moboleez™....

What's a MoBoleez™ Hat?

and what makes them so special…?

*MoBoleez hats are the only hats designed specially for the breastfeeding baby and mom.

*Covers the breast, not the breastfeeding! The "stay on head sideways" design means that once the hat is on, it'll stay on, and no more fussing with dropping blankets or awkward, bulky 'nursing covers'. While the big brim gives mom a little privacy, it doesn't cover up the breastfeeding, it celebrates it in a fun sort of way! Fashionable colours and fun illustrations on the top

*MoBoleez™ hats come with illustrations for the top of baby's head (visible when breastfeeding of course!). The cute pictures on top with their lighthearted messages ("Milky Way", "Café Au Lait", Beelicious, Mmmm…, Au Lait S’il Vous Plait) all convey the message that the MoBoleez mom is a proud breastfeeding babe, with a sense of humour and style! Colours are blue, pink, green, and cream.

Soft, Eco-fabrics

*MoBoleez hats are made of all-natural, super soft blend of cotton/bamboo fibres. Bamboo is an eco-fabric that does not require herbicides and pesticides, and is more sustainable than fabrics made from depleting petroleum resources such as polyester and nylon. Not only that, it is ultra-soft, breathable, and has excellent absorption.

The Moboleez™ is available in 3 sizes:
*Small/preemie, Medium (9-14lbs) and Large (over 14lbs/6-9months)


*Readers can purchase a Moboleez from the Moboleez Online Store.

*To find a retailer in your country, please click here.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

The Moboleez™ is a fantastic modern bonnet for breastfeeding babes. Proudly made in Canada of 60% cotton and 40% bamboo. The cotton/bamboo bonnet will provide some privacy for you during breastfeeding as well as sun protection for your baby while nursing. In addition, the Moboleez can help minimize distractions such as light or noise so that your baby can focus more easily on the task of breastfeeding. Bamboo fabric has many unique properties, once of which is that it is highly breathable in warm weather. As we approach Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and with Summer around the corner, nursing moms can replace their traditional nursing cover with the Moboleez™, which is more conducive for warm weather. This unique bonnet is available in 4 colors: pink, blue, green and cream and a variety of adorable designs! The Moboleez™ is offered in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Please click here for further details. We applaud Diane for her creativity and for celebrating the nursing mother.

We received 2 Moboleez™ samples which arrived beautifully packaged in their own zipper case for easy storage. The breastfeeding bonnet is very well made and the fabric is super soft to touch! We love the fun designs that are printed on the top siide of the bonnet! We distributed the Moboleez™ to 2 moms in our panel, one mom has a 5 month old baby and the 2nd mom a 7 month old baby.

"As an experienced nursing mom who is also a lactivist, I was eager to test this product with my 5 month old baby. Although I am comfortable nursing in public, without any cover up, with the warmer weather approaching, I was looking for a simple cover to protect my baby's head from the sun and elements while nursing. I hadn't had much luck finding a nursing cover. The one that I had received as a gift kept falling off while I was nursing, leaving my son's fair skin exposed to the sun. I was intrigued when I first received the Moboleez and enjoyed hearing about the story behind this product. I was delighted to find that the Moboleez bonnet stayed on my sons head while he was nursing and at the same time, provided some shade for his head! As a lactivist, I appreciated the humourous designs and cute messages on the hat and thought how wonderful it was for breastfeeding to be celebrated in this way! Breastfeeding has served to provide a unique way for me to nurture and bond with my baby and I will forever treasure the times that we spent nursing."

"We took our 7 month old to South Africa for his first vacation, to visit family. I was really pleased that I took the Moboleez along, because we arrived to warm, balmy summer days! The Moboleez was the perfect solution that I was looking for and provides some privacy for me while breastfeeding my baby, without adding additional layers! Both my baby and I would have been too uncomfortable and hot with our regular nursing cover! We received so many compliments about the gorgeous Moboleez Bonnet! Many family members and friends thought that my baby was just taking a nap in his "lovely floppy hat" and only once they came closer did they realize that I was nursing him! I really appreciate the eco-friendly fibers used and the fun designs which make this product so unique! The Moboleez is easy to wash, which I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend this wonderful product to nursing moms!

The Moboleez™ Bonnet for Breastfeeding Babes will make a unique and special Baby Shower Gift. With gender neutral, boy and girl colors to pick the Moboleez™ is sure to delight the mom-to-be. To learn more, please visit:


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I love the dual function, plus these hats are oh-so-cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another great giveaway. These bonnets look wonderful. I love the fact that they are made from a bamboo/cotton blend!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I also find that most nursing covers are far too warm in the summer. This looks like a great alternative for moms that want a little privacy! I love products that promote and celebrating breastfeeding!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want to win of these and have sent in my entry!