Seven Steps to Baby Bliss DVD

"Seven Steps to Baby Bliss" DVD is endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives Inc.

DVD Description:
Become a great Dad – fast!! and a great help to your Partner (New Mum) while enjoying your first baby!!Research shows that a baby whose Dad is lovingly involved in his/her care – right from the start – that baby is more likely to have a positive future. But how can you get involved if you don’t know what to do?? How can your partner feel supported and happy that you are safely caring for your Baby.This fun educational DVD will quickly help a new parent become competent – then confident!! Topics covered include: Settling a crying baby; SIDS prevention; feeding your newborn, bathing and dressing your baby; baby massage; and much more!!


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Success Through Play™ comments:
We would like to thank Ros Vroom (RN Reg Midwife/Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse) of Dadstheword Pty Ltd. for sending us a review copy of the Seven Steps to Baby Bliss DVD all the way from Australia! This very unique DVD features a male midwife who DVD highlights the role of the dad and this clearly sets it apart from most DVD's on the market. Modern dads around the world want to be an equal partner in raising their child and need positive support and encouragement to do this. This DVD will empower dads and equip them with the skills necessary to take an active part in caring for their new baby. Our panel of dads-to-be commented that until now, they had not come across any DVD's on the market which highlight the role of the dad. The dads-to-be thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD Seven Steps to Baby Bliss and really appreciated the fact that a male midwife was "teaching them the ropes". They admitted that they were "were really surprised that the DVD was so funny and enjoyable to watch". "We weren't overwhelmed with a ton of information; but instead were taught just the key points necessary to do the job well". Success Through Play was really impressed with the safety information contained in the DVD, particularly with regard to SIDS and what to do if you feel overwhelmed when caring for a crying baby. Rest assured that the dad-to-be or the mom-to-be won't be bored or overwhelmed when watching this DVD. The humorous tone throughout this DVD ensures that the viewer will be entertained while learning key concepts. Seven Steps to Baby Bliss highlights what to expect when baby comes home from the hospital, dads will be taught how to change a diaper properly, burp a baby, how to bathe a baby, cord care, tips about dressing a baby, how to settle a crying baby, ideas for playing with baby and many more key topics. We were really excited to see a section about "Baby Massage" and the importance of it, along with tips for massaging your baby.

With all the focus on the mom-to-be, the dad-to-be may be feeling a little left out of the picture. This DVD will make a great gift for the dad-to-be and is sure to make him feel special! We commend Dads the Word for acknowledging dads as an equal partner in child rearing and for producing this DVD.

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