Rachel Quittner from Mommy Be Happy:

"The babeebrite™ was invented by my husband while working as a police officer. As he wrote someone a ticket one night with a flashlight beneath one arm, he dropped the light, which broke, leaving him in an awkward position. Thus quiqlite was born! This light is mainly used in the pockets of military, police & EMTs, giving them a "hands-free light source" so they can do their jobs more safely. I found myself always "borrowing" his light to take care of our three boys (as babies & toddlers). I quickly realized the multiple uses and the benefit to parents and developed Babeebrite™.


Babeebrite™ is an absolute necessity to help assist with all nighttime duties. This ultimate light source is designed to ease everything that requires the use of both hands!

Babeebrite™ not only clips onto your shirt or shirt pocket, it also clips onto any surface up to 1 inch thick such as cribs, mobiles, rocking chairs and diaper bags. Babeebrite™ is also an excellent tool for timing breastfeeding, with its automatic on/off 7-minute timer (this also helps preserve the battery life for sleep-deprived moms!) This innovative light source also features an adjustable 90-degree arm and most importantly, Babeebrite™ does not affect yours or the baby's night vision.

Here are just a few of the many ways Mommies and Daddies put Babeebrite™ to use:

* Diaper changes
* Administering medicine
* Making formula
* Bottle and Breastfeeding
* Searching for a pacifier

Additional Uses:
This light is also a super reading light for children & adults. With its built in 7 minute timer, it falls asleep with the child who is reading...preserving the battery life! Batteries are included and they last approx 60hrs....LED will never burn out (over 1,000,000 hours).


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Winner of an iParenting Media Award, the Babeebrite™ is an innovative, highly versatile product that will make your life easier! Many experts in the field of child development agree that establishing a day and night routine as soon as possible can help your newborn thrive. The simplest way to accomplish this is to keep the lights off during the night and to use minimum light during nighttime feedings and diaper changes so that your baby begins to distinguish between day and night.

Baby will soon learn that during the night, things are quiet, calm and dimly lit and that this is the not the time to play! The Babeebrite™ is ideally suited for establishing a night routine, because when tending to babies needs, mom or dad can simply clip on the babeebrite instead of turning on bright lights and the light source can be directed towards the task, with the innovative adjustable arm, without lighting up the entire room. The clip on feature allows you to have both hands free which every sleep deprived new parent will greatly appreciate. The babeebrite™ is very lightweight and will fit in your pocket which makes traveling with it a breeze.

We distributed babeebrites™ to members of our parents panel who had all recently welcomed a baby into their lives.

"The light is great! It's easy to clip onto things. It's easy to travel with. It's easy to turn off and on, and it provides just enough light without being disruptive at night. It's great for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, and it also makes a great reading light."

"I use the babeebrite™ at night when I am nursing my daughter. I have a stash of magazines that I flip through, and can quickly move the adjustable arm to check on my daughter within seconds. I wish that the babeebrite™ had been available with my first 2 babies! What a brilliant idea."

"The babeebrite™ is awesome! It clips onto any surface up to 1 inch and I have used it to search for something in my diaper bag at night, check on my baby in his crib and even for night time reading, all while avoiding having to turn on the main lights. The babeebrite™ has a lovely soft glow that is bright enough to allow your to clearly do your task without being blinding! As a first time mum, I tend to be anxious about things and makes notes and check my watch as many times as possible! Since the Babeebrite™ turns off automatically after 7 mins, I use this guide when I am breastfeeding. I usually feed him for 15 minutes on each side and instead of having to rely on my watch, I am sit back and relax because I have the babeebrite™ to keep track for me.

"We have been fighting over the babeebrite at our house! My husband has found so many uses for it, I find it invaluable during night time feedings and diaper changes and my 6 your old daughter loves it for reading before bed. We will need to buy several of these because they are so useful."

Success Through Play™ would like to thank Mommy Be Happy for sending us several Evaluation Samples of the Babeebrite™ for this article.

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Greg said...

The babeebrite is a phenomenal product. With so many uses, it's a bargain! We have 3 in our home and it's still not enough :-)

Nina said...

I am strong believer in night time routines and will be adding this product to my registry. Thank you for introducing us to such innovative products. What would we do without you?

Sara said...

Now this is a great idea! I can think of a million uses for the babeebrite in our house.