Wahmies™ Bamboo Breast Pads

WAHMies™ stands for Work at Home Moms (Mommies). We carry a variety of products made for Moms by Moms that would like to stay home with their children. These Mom made products are made with the goal of making the cloth diapering journey easy and super fun for all different types of families.

Wahmies™ offers many other products for all different types of families. The Wahmies™ Bamboo Mama Pads are well liked by Moms once their system starts returning to a normal cycle after baby and offer the same great features and benefits as the Bamboo Breastpads. Wahmies™ fun prints wetbags are a wonderfully stylish addition to any diaperbag, purse or pocket and can be used for many things including diapers and wet swim suits. The pail liners are amazing for those soiled diapers keeping the stinkies contained. Wahmies has created a one size microfiber insert which fits most cloth diapers and coming very soon, a new and exciting Wahmies™ One Size Pocket Diaper!


Made from one layer of super absorbent soft Bamboo terry and one layer of luxurious feeling Bamboo velour, the Wahmies™ Bamboo Breast Pads are perfect for even the most delicate skin! They are completely REVERSIBLE - you choose what side you want against your body and they come in natural undyed bamboo fabric. Five inches in diameter is perfect to cover most bra cup sizes.

Why does Wahmies™ choose to use Bamboo?:

- Bamboo has been praised as the natural green, eco-friendly textile material of the 21st Century".
- Bamboo thrives naturally without the use of pesticides.
- It is a natural cellulose fibre which is converted into yarns without the addition of chemicals, and is 100% biodegradable in soil by micro-organism and sunshine, causing no pollution to the environment.
- The unique make-up of the 'Bamboo' fibre, whose cross section is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes gives it a moisture absorption rate three times that of Cotton.
- Bamboo fibre is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti static.
- Its natural antibiosis function keeps bacterium away so that it won't produce bad odors.
- The Bamboo towels have an ultra-soft feel on sensitive skin, yet own a high abrasion-proof capacity, making them extremely durable and hard wearing
- Bamboo fabric is made from moso bamboo, not the species of bamboo eaten by pandas!

Bamboo fabric absorbs 60% more than similar weight cotton fabrics and it is naturally antibacterial. It's more hygienic and healthier for your skin! For sensitive and allergy prone skin bamboo is a wonderful choice. Bamboo's natural breathability keeps your skin comfortable and feeling dry longer. The fabric even feels cool to the touch. Bamboo thrives naturally without using any pesticides and fertilizers and is 100% biodegradable.

Caring for your Bamboo Breast Pads

The bamboo pads come to you straight from the Loom and it is essential that they are laundered before use, as they have not been subjected to any wet processes such as scouring, bleaching or dyeing after weaving. Careful handling needs to be taken with your *new* Bamboo pads to prevent snagging of the loops (broken finger nails, rings, zips etc.) prior to its first laundering, when the slight amount of shrinkage that takes place binds the loops more firmly into the cloth, making them ready for service. There are a few simple steps to follow:

1. Place the bamboo pads in a washing bag prior to its first laundering.
2. Launder the pads in lukewarm water on delicate wash with like colors and thoroughly rinse.
3. Tumble dry no or low to medium heat setting.
4. We do not recommend the use of fabric softeners as they tend to block the micro-gaps in the fibers leading to reduced absorbency.

How many pairs should I buy?

This is a difficult question to answer as each mother has different needs. Some mothers experience leaking before their baby is born and need to use breast pads then. Some leak ounces of milk at a time and some don't leak at all. To be prepared, we would suggest 5 or 6 pair to start. This should be enough for a Mom that leaks an average amount when her milk comes in. She may need to add to her collection as her body gets used to the beautiful baby or she may be just fine with these starters.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Wahmies™ products are made by moms for moms and we applaud Wahmies™ for empowering stay at home moms to be able to earn a living while staying home to take care of their children; the most important job on earth! Bamboo Breast/Nursing Pads make perfect sense! Bamboo, with it's unique properties including offering superior absorbability, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and its ability to keep your body at a comfortable temperature, make it the ideal choice for breast pads. Washable breast pads will save both your bank account and the environment.

We were delighted to distribute the Wahmies™ Bamboo Breast Pads to nursing moms in our panel.

"Up until now, I had been using disposable breast pads. It never occurred to me to give washable pads a try, let alone bamboo fabric, which I have never heard of before. The bamboo breast pads from Wahmies™ are really soft and feel great against my tender skin. I am so impressed with the bamboo material and am now hooked on bamboo fabric! These breast pads are much more comfortable compared to disposable and I would recommend them to all nursing moms. I am never going back to disposable! The bamboo breast pads are machine washable (in a separate wash bag) and I thrilled to be saving money and easing the strain on the environment."

Additional comments:

"We have bamboo flooring throughout our house but I will admit that I had no idea that bamboo fabric existed. I was surprised at how soft the fabric is and how wonderful it feels against my skin. The Bamboo Breast Pads from Wahmies™ are the most luxurious breast pads that I have tried and I can attest to how absorbable they are. Invest in several pairs which will carry you through the initial months when leaking is most common. Thank you Wahmies™."

Success Through Play™ would like to thank Wahmies™ for sending us a box of evaluation samples for this review. To view the full range of products that Wahmies™ offers, please visit:



Violet said...

These look fantastic. I am looking to move from disposable to washable and bamboo sounds like a great choice. It has some incredible properties!

Sienna said...

I am in love with Bamboo fabric and am thrilled to have finally found bamboo breast pads. I really like how they are made by moms for moms. How very cool.

Tracey Hunt said...

I have just discovered bamboo fabric and now I am on the hunt for "bamboo everything." These breast pads by Wahmies look awesome. Bamboo makes so much sense!

Amy said...

Made by moms for moms...I love it. How refreshing to hear that they are NOT made in a sweat shop in China. Go Wahmies!!!

Gina said...

I agree, we have to support USA made products, particularly work at home moms.

Annie said...

I support Work at Home Moms 100%. Imagine how we could change the whole industry if everyone promoted it. We would have safer products made with love and children who were supported fully during their childhood. Awesome!

TARA said...

Thanks for posting about these - soon One Bum at a Time! will be offering breast pads in a gift basket for expecting moms!