Giveaway: Blabla Kids Hand Knitted Hat and Booties Set

Blabla started in 2001, when Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, two long time friends, went to Peru. They stumbled upon entire villages of expert knitters whose talent inspired them to create their own kids line. All Blabla products are made in Peru, hand-knitted or hand-loomed.

Florence Wetterwald, co-founder of Blabla Kids:

"Knitting in Peru is a way of life, they have done it for years so men and women actually knit. In general the men do the the hand-machine knitting because it takes more strength to push the loom back and forth. The women do the hand knitting and the embroidery. The people with whom we work, either work at home or in coops. The coops we collaborate with are catholic coops. A couple of women are responsible for organizing the knitting, ordering the thread and distributing the work amongst a hundred women. So they really appreciate the regular work that we have been provided for them in the last 5 years. Also we can be very proud of our ethics,they fix their prices and most of the time we agree, unless the market just can't bear it. We pay 50% upfront and our margins are very low, but at least we are sharing .... We also work with a couple of larger companies that basically do the same thing but on a larger scale."


The charming "Farm" mobile has farm animals including pig, bunny, cow all with angel wings. The whimsical "Catch me" mobile has girl chasing dog chasing cat chasing birdie.


Veggie rattles include carrot, radish, cabbage, tomato, pea. Perfect for little ones to learn what's good for them to eat...blabla rattles are irresistibly soft and sweet, perfect for little hands. The Orange cat rattle has a fish in hand, the giraffe rattle has a birdie on his back...

Blabla Kids
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Hats and Booties set

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Success Through Play™ comments:

Blabla Kids offers beautifully designed, high quality hand knitted items for babies and children which are bursting with vibrant colors. While most products for babies are still mass produced in China, Blabla Kids products sets an example by employing Peruvian workers to hand knit their gorgeous line of products. These workers are treated fairly and earn a good wage, which enables them to improve their quality of lives. Customers can feel good purchasing products which are empowering the lives of others.

The Blabla Collection includes Rattles, Mobiles, Blankets, Hats and Booties, Finger Puppets, Clothing, Backpacks and Banks and Pillow Chums in beautiful styles for boys and girls. There is something for everyone!

The Farm and Catch Me Mobile are particularly special because the animals face downwards towards baby, giving baby lots to see!

Blabla kids offers an adorable collection of animal, fruit and veggies rattles! The animal rattles will delight your baby with their unique shape, which will allow them to work on their grasping skills.

The Veggies Rattles are adorable and the perfect size for little hands. Also available is a delightful Fruit Rattle Set!

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We would like to thank Blabla Kids for sending us evaluation samples for this article.


Nicola Green said...

I know that celebrities go crazy for Blabla Kids products. What I didn't know is that they are hand made in Peru and that the company helps to empower workers and pay them fairly. Thank you for giving us substance. Success Through Play is a quality read!

Wynn said...

How adorable are these mobiles. I am pleased to learn that the details of the mobiles can be seen from below. I have noticed that most mobiles are designed to be seen from the top and not the bottom.

Linda said...

I hope win the Hat and Booties Set. The designs are just darling.

Jillian Hayes said...

The rattles set look gorgeous. You can never start too young when teaching kids great habits! I am also to see plastic free toys! Thank you.

Jennifer R. said...

Blabla kids is one of our favorite companies. The vibrant colors combined with the soft cotton really attract kids! I didn't know how the products were made and it makes me feel really great now that I know.