Simone Layne Signature Cardigan

Today we are highlighting the Simone Layne Signature Cardigan from Moby™ Wrap, Inc. This Holiday season, give the gift of warmth with this Stylish Versatile Knitwear. The reversible sweater is made from 100% cotton machine knit and is soft and cozy. The design team at Simone Layne have expertly designed this cardigan to be worn 5 different ways for 5 completely different looks. This offers a tremendous value for your money.

This versatile cardigan is perfect to travel with this winter because it offers 5 different looks with just one sweater. No-one has to know that you are wearing the same sweater again and again and you will look gorgeous each time while staying and warm and toasty. Packing one sweater instead of 5 separate ones saves must needed space in your luggage which will leave room for other essentials.

A member of our panel had the opportunity to wear the sweater five different ways! The instructions for creating each of the 5 different looks are clear and easy to follow.

Hoodie: When the weather suddenly turns cold and you haven't packed a scarf or a hat, don't despair! Simply choose to wear the cardigan in the Hoodie style, which will protect your head and neck from the cold while you look modern and fresh.

Off the Shoulder:
This look works well over a dress or tank and will keep you warm while looking elegant. Ideal for when you want to create the look of a wrap, but need to wear something more substantial. The lines are beautiful and very slimming accenting your neckline.

Over the shoulder:
This is the most popular way to wear the cardigan and the draping of the cardigan in this fashion creates a chic look which will draw plenty of compliments. Perfect for very chilly days, the double wrap method will keep you snug and warm.

The simplest way to wear the cardigan, this look resembles a scarf over a sweater. Perfect for when you are in a hurry and just need to grab a sweater to keep you warm. This casual look will highlight your face and is perfect women of all ages.

Upside Down
: Worn with a belt, this is our favorite way to wear this sweater and looks terrific with jeans for a pulled together look. The slimming silhouette will flatter all figures and the longer length offers maximum warmth.

The Signature Cardigan is available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large and is available in 6 gorgeous colors. This cardigan will make a terrific gift for that special women in your life and can be purchased here.


Deborah said...

Amazing how versatile this sweater is!

Mira said...

Beautiful. Terrific gift idea. Thank you!

Anne said...

Looks so warm and stylish.

Jen said...

This is a great investment. One sweater that can actually be worn (and looks terrific) 5 different ways is definitely worth purchasing.

Fran said...

So stylish.