Okiedog Bliss Voyager 2011 Sneak Preview

Okiedog, a German owned company, offers a wide selection of designer nappy bags which are designed and constructed to save space, paying special attention to detail. Okiedog's mission is to make parenting fun and convenient.

Traveling with a baby can be stressful enough, but Okiedog has come to the rescue with the gorgeous Okiedog Bliss Voyager Trolley. You will be the envy of all parents at the airport, but best of all, you will feel calm and in control with all your essentials available within easy reach.

The 2011 Okiedog Bliss Voyager will be available exclusively in black.

Full review coming soon.


Mia said...

Looks awesome. Can't wait for the review.

Lara said...

Okiedog makes the coolest nappy bags! We will be going abroad for Christmas and I am looking for a nappy bag that will be able to keep up with us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! We are also planning our first holiday with our baby and this bag looks like it will be a life saver!

Ruth said...

We have been looking for something like this! I love the black - it is so elegant.