During the month of June, 2007, we featured the following posts that are listed here for your reference. We would like to thank all the companies featured for their support, without which the posts would not be possible.

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Stay tuned for next months exciting topic: Babywearing


Susan Meyers said...

Holy cow! You covered so much this past month! And you dont charge us for this information? You are a wonderful person to be doing this.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I know what to really buy for my baby and me... oh and Stewart my husband as well I guess :)

Success Through Play said...

Susan, thank you for your kind words. We are searching the globe to bring our readers quality products that provide baby with a rich sensory motor experience from early on that will stand them in good stead for their future. We know how overwhelming and even confusing it can be and we are trying in our small way to help make it easier! No, we don't have any sponsors nor do we earn any income from this website. It is our labor of love. It makes us so happy to hear that you are benefiting from it. Thank YOU!